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Monday, July 21, 2008

We're DONE!!!! (well, almost)

So, we're mostly done, after working our butts off yesterday to finish. Although the main part of the family room/Kitchen went fast, the precision required for the kitchen part...because we wanted to do it right, not just make it look good...took a lot of time. But everything except the transitions(from room to room), the top of the stairs (because of course, I had to special order the stair caps), and the far side of our stairs and around the banister is done. Floor wise. Then we just have to work on getting trim back up. I'm hoping to find a stain that matches our floors to do the trim with...we're testing a couple in the next few days. Of course, it wouldn't be a new floor at our house without being thrown up

Ok, so I didn't take a picture of the throw up. GROSS!!! However, it's an unfortunate tradition in our family...someone has to get sick and throw up on new carpet, etc...within the first week, but usually within the first 48 hours. And, it was Talia's turn I suppose since she's never had the opportunity. She must have caught some stomach bug, which is why I'm posting this from home instead of work. I've spent the majority of the day holding her, being thrown up on, and cleaning it up....the nice thing about this floor though...paper towel to wipe it up, and a quick swipe with the washcloth, and it's clean....very very nice.

So, you can notice from my slideshow that the laundry room did not get done...we've decided to go with a different angle for that room (if you can call it that, it's barely big enough for the washer, dryer, and entrance to the house). Since it is the closest thing we have to a mudroom, we want something a little different. In a few weeks, or a month or two...when I have $ again and Cole's not cursing me for the remodeling project. By the end, when we were tired, and we lost 3 or 4 planks to chips in the edges...not to mention the tiny scratch that happened when we put the dishwasher back...He was so frustrated that it wasn't perfect...and after 10 hours, exhausted. I'm still so proud of him...he did an excellent job.
And Talia is finally holding down a little food (goldfish crackers) and fluids (flat Sprite) I'm hoping things will be more back to normal tomorrow.

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John & Sherri said...

You've been busy. It looks great. I love the color!