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Friday, November 28, 2008


So, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday...ours turned out VERY well, despite the fact that I had to work at 3pm. Our family met at my brother's house and had a nice, relatively relaxing dinner before I had to leave for work. It was very nice.

Work was busy, but in our small amounts of downtime, we were all scouring the Black Friday ads(as we always do!). Originally, Cole and I had not found anything we particularly were looking for. However, I didn't get through all the ads at home, and while looking through them at work I found the 1 thing I HAD to go after...
From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

I've been trying to justify buying the Cricut Expression for a long time...I've wanted it ever since it came out. The $300+ price tag was just more than I could justify spending. However, Walmart had it for $199.00. It was just too good a deal to pass up. And then, a friend wanted to me to get some Cabbage Patch Kids for her girls. (and thank you, by the way, I don't know if I would have gone after them just for 1 doll for my princess, but getting some for you made it easy for me to get one for Talia too). So, my wonderful husband got to Walmart at 3 am to wait for my Cricut. I came over straight after work at 3:30, and decided that he would stay by the Cricut, and I would stay by the CPK's. We waited at our separate stations, and as always, traded stories with the people around us. Sometime around 4:40 (the sale wasn't supposed to start until 5), a bell went off somewhere by mistake, a ROAR went up, and we went at it. I grabbed the number of dolls I needed, and then I was able to pick through the pile, trading for the colors and features I wanted (Talia's has brown hair and green eyes, just like she does).
Cole had an interesting experience with the Cricut...there were only 12 of them. Of course, he got one pretty easily, given his size,strength and proximity. However, when he left that area to meet me, 3 women were wrestling over the last machine. Cole said that they all had their arms wrapped around it, none of them were giving up or letting go.
We were done and in line by 4:50, and were out pretty quickly(thank goodness, because Walmart's checkouts crashed shortly thereafter we found out). We headed over to Target to check out the $3-$5 DVD selection. We stood in line over there for an hour, then were able to get the things we wanted. We left Target, went to breakfast, and then got home before the little kids were awake (Kyle was awake). By that time, I was ready to drop, since I'd been up 22 hours. Cole headed out to Kmart, and I went to bed.

This afternoon, Cole and the boys put up Christmas in the yard.
Welcome to our "Winter Wonderland"...just add snow!
From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

From Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

Jack will make an appearance when he's done being fixed. I'm off to play with my Cricut Expression now....

Oh, and a little note for Rachael H...I realize you've gone private, but is there any way I could get an invite? To your main blog and your recipe blog?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Called Off!!! :)

I got a wonderful surprise today...I was supposed to work. We usually staff 3 RT's, but we've been busy enough to need 4 at times lately. I didn't realize it, but because of the holiday schedule this week, there were 4 RT's scheduled. Tonight, they only needed the 3, and it was my turn to be called off. I was really, really surprised, but very pleased. Especially because Kyle and I are going to the Nutcracker tomorrow with my Mom, and I wasn't going to get more than 3 hours of sleep. Now I will be rested and able to enjoy the show!

Cole and I took advantage, and went running a few errands. Later, I got to watch "The Biggest Loser"(I work most Tuesdays, so I usually Tivo it). While I was watching, I finished up a couple of projects...

Talia was THRILLED with her hat...she insisted on wearing it the rest of the night and to bed...

I also managed to finish this scarf...for me.

I actually started it while I was pregnant with Talia, but it got put away at some point, and I had forgotten about it until I got my looms back out this year to make everyone new stuff. I really wanted to get it finished in time to wear it on Black Friday, since Cole and I are meeting after I get off work to do the shopping thing...we LOVE Black Friday. So, any of my buddies out there...if there's a deal you want, and you can't get out, and we can get there...give me a call. It's definitely an advantage to have a big strong guy out there to keep the crazies from trampling you. The year I was pregnant with Talia, a few people at Target were EXTREMELY the point that one guy took a swing at Cole for trying to keep me (his 20 week pregnant wife) from being shoved around. The guy ended up being body slammed into the shopping carts for his trouble, and no one else dared mess with us. Ah...the good memories.

The funniest Black Friday memory I have is 3 or 4 years ago at Walmart...the $10 Cabbage Patch Babies. I laughed so hard...dolls were literally Flying, being thrown over the heads of the crowd to people with carts on the outside...and the women fighting so hard to get theirs. I didn't need one, I was helping people from work, so I was able to look on it with perspective. Dang, it was funny...

So, on to Thanksgiving, and the shopping madness that follows!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Breakfast in Bed....

Since we weren't able to go away for our 13th Anniversary this summer, I decided to surprise my husband with a night away in SLC over the weekend. It all began back in October...I overheard some of my friends at work talking about going to a play. It was "Into the Woods", one of Cole's favorite plays. He had never seen it live, and had always wanted to. I got to see it this summer with my mom, and he was a bit envious. When I heard it was playing, I looked at my schedule and bought tickets that night. I've been keeping it a secret for a month or so...
Then, I got the idea that if I could find someone to watch the kids, maybe we could spend Saturday night in SLC. My brother and SIL were wonderful to take all 3 of my kids for the night, so I booked the "Sultan's Palace" room at the Anniversary Inn. My surprise was all set....
Cole did find out about staying overnight about 5 days in advance. I didn't really think I could pack up us AND the kids without him guessing anyway. However, he did realize I had SOMETHING going on, but didn't press me about what. He was surprised and pleased to be going to the play.

The play was excellent. We are actually considering getting season tickets. The theater (Hale Centre Theatre) is right across the street from the E center, and is beautiful. It's not a huge theater, but the stage is right in the center, so all the seats are good. We actually had 3rd row seats, and it seemed like we were right in the middle of the play. We had a great time.
We spent a lovely romantic night in Salt Lake, and picked up our kids Sunday morning, only to find out my Dad was in the ER. As the day progressed, my dad was admitted because he is in kidney failure, and his blood electrolytes and a few other things are at serious levels. My dad has been sick, and throwing up we're hoping that he just got so dehydrated that his kidneys stopped working. I spend most of Sunday at the hospital with my mom and dad. Dad seemed to be doing much better yesterday, so we're having faith that everything is going to be fine.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Happy Autumn!!

Happy Autumn! I LOVE this time of year. I love the cool tempuratures, wearing warmer clothes, seeing the leaves fall, and even seeing the winds blow the leaves all over the place. I especially love the colors of November...the Yellows, Oranges, and browns are colors that I can't wear because of my fair skin, so I only get to enjoy them in a decorative setting...which means I really only get to enjoy them in October/November.

So, I got my hair cut and colored last night, and my stylist just moved to this great salon in Layton, Salon Tantrum. While I was out there, I dropped by Hobby Lobby to buy the teal pumpkin I talked about in a post a couple of weeks ago. I was SOOOOO glad I stopped...all their fall stuff was 80% off, and they only had a couple of what I wanted left. The bigger one was too big for my mantel, so I went with the smaller one, and a couple of irridescent orange ones to go beside it...thus the pic of my now complete Autumn mantel. The best part (besides how much I like the way it looks) is that it only cost me $5.37.

Talia has a little bit of a cold, and has been VERY grumpy the last couple of days. I'm grumpy because I have to go into work today for a class...and still work 3 shifts this week. I hate to work extra hours...the $ isn't worth the time away from my family. The boys are great, and Cole is grudgingly working on Christmas...although he keeps trying to run ideas for next halloween by me, and I have to remind him that he can't ask me that until AFTER December 25th.

Enjoy the wind and the weather...I will be!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I was tagged by Misty...


Places I like to eat:
Olive Garden
Kasbah Grill
Bombay House
Prairie Schooner
Grand America (Sunday Buffet)
In my own Kitchen, when I didn't have to cook!

Show's I watch on Tv

The Biggest Loser
Boston Legal
Without a Trace
The Fox 13 News (morning, noon, and night...I love the news)
Criminal Minds

Things that happened yesterday

Admitted 2 babies to the NICU
Ran about 100 blood samples.
Changed about 20 diapers (including at home and at work)
Ate a delicious dip made of chocolate chips, cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and brown sugar
Made a home lunch for Alec, because it was a day he wouldn't have eaten school lunch.
Washed my work clothes
Cleaned the kitchen
Continued re-reading Twilight

Things I love about Fall
Cool Days, cooler nights
watching the leaves turn, then fall.
The smell in the air....
Sweaters, jeans and hoodies again!
Fuzzy socks
Snuggling in a cocoon of blankets in my bed...with my sweetie....

Things on my wish list(in no particular order)
New Kitchen
Paint the bathroom
Paint the staircase (the walls lining the staircase, actually)
Expand the house
My sister to find her soul mate
Learn some more crafty skills
Clothes of all kinds...for both me and the rest of my fam....
1 day to ski this winter.

People I'm tagging
Cami A
Sherri V
Rachael H
Lisa P

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blog Following....

So, the lovely little "Follow this Blog" link on the side of everyone's blog has been on my mind this past week. When the option was first available, my thought was..."Well, if they're linked on my blog, it's probably OBVIOUS that I follow their blog.". However, I have 4 or 5 blogs in my Favorites list that are not on my blog link list...specifically because I don't have the permission of those people to put up a link. I, personally, don't care if you link to my blog from yours, but I know several people who do, so I've just decided that I will get permission before linking. Just so you know, though, if you link my blog from yours, you're fair game to be on my blog link list :). Back to blog following, however...I've been kind of ignoring it. This week, however, I clicked on mine, and was surprised to see who was following my blog(and very, very pleased, I might add). Because I clicked on it, I was able to reconnect with a friend I haven't seen in about 10 years. A friend I have missed very much. So...the jury's still out on blog following for me, but you may find I've clicked on your link in the near future.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Warning...this is going to be a loooooooonnng one....

I've been really busy, I can hardly believe it's been a whole week since I posted! I guess since I knew my Dad was on a golfing vacation, and not looking forward to reading about my life every day, I felt like I could slack a little on my blog. Now, however, I have 2 tags and a bunch of catch up stuff to do....

Last Saturday, we had a family wedding shower for my cousin who's getting married in January. It was with the "Coop" side of the maternal grandmother's family. We always have so much fun went really well, and my cousin got a ton of really neat made me think I should really think about upgrading some of my kitchen pans and appliances...but of course, I won't until I don't have another choice.
From November 2008

Me and my cute sister and cute sister in law...

Monday, I was on call at work, but we had very little food left in the house. So, I rushed to get my grocery shopping done Monday morning. Later, I didn't get called into work, so I went shoe shopping with my Mom and Talia...we had so much fun! My mom got 2 really cute pairs of boots, plus 3 pair of pants and 2 tops...she did really good and looked really cute in all her stuff. I wasn't really planning on buying myself anything...but I've been looking for a new winter coat. I love my old one, it's a deep purple color and so warm...but it's HUGE on me now :(. The only sad thing about all the weight I've lost is the clothes that I LOVE that no longer fit. So, I've been looking, but I'm really picky, and I wasn't going to get anything until I found exactly what I wanted. At Dillards, I saw this coat...
From November 2008

..and I had to have it. I'm really excited about it...I love jewel tones, and emerald is one of my favorite colors. I also got a cute sweater, but I think it's going to end up being one of my Christmas presents from Cole.

Tuesday I worked, and was really distracted by a new book series...The Black Dagger Brother hood by J.R. Ward. It's another Vampire Series, but I'll warn's very graphic..both in language and in smut. The story is excellent, and I devoured the first 4 books in the series in 2 1/2 days...and I can't find the 5th book anywhere, but if I can't find it, a friend here at work will bring it to me on Wednesday.
Speaking of Vampire series, Wednesday this came in the Mail...
From November 2008

I was excited, but there is a story here...I never bought any of the books in the series, I borrowed them. I had a really hard time not buying Breaking Dawn, because I really, really liked it. But when I heard that there was going to be a boxed set of all 4 hardbacks coming out in October for a great price ($50), I decided I could wait. So, last week, I was at Barnes and Noble, and saw the boxed set, and grabbed it. When they rang up my purchases, I couldn't believe was $83.00!!!! I knew I had seen it on Amazon for much less...I bought it anyway, thinking it might be a s&h difference. I looked on Amazon, and the $50 was INCLUDING shipping...I ordered it on Amazon and took the other set back to Barnes and Noble. I really felt I was being ripped off....$33 is a HUGE difference.
Wednesday I also watched my Niece and was a little Chaotic, having 6 kids running around the house, 2 of them under 2, but it was fun and the kids were really good. It's fun to see how well they all play together as they get older.

Thursday, I spent the day clearing the clutter. I keep my house clean, but I am a clutter bug, and no matter how hard I try to change it, I collect clutter. So does my husband, which makes it doubly, I plowed through the clutter spots in my house yesterday, then I got some more decorations back out...I felt really good about everything I accomplished. I'm dying to get my Christmas stuff out, but I need to wait until after Thanksgiving...I do have some Thanksgiving stuff out.

I've also finished a couple of hats, and most of a scarf I found in my yarn supply that was left about 1/3 done...
Now were to today...I'm here at work for the weekend.

Now for the Tag....6 quirky things about me....

1. I HATE green vegetables. They all taste very bitter and like grass. YUCK!
2. I read 2000+ words a minute. I guess I really don't read books, I inhale them.
3. I'm a perfectionist. I've relaxed a little,(having kids will do that to you) but I still want some things just so, and it's frustrating when it doesn't work that way..
4. My hair is COMPLETLEY gray/white. At 32 years old.
5. I still really want to gut a deer. I never had the opportunity, but I'd still like to someday.
6. I love Bruce Willis. I know it's strange, but there you have it.

I tag Michele W, Misty V, Judith W, Christy J...

Oh, and I'm saving Misty's tag for tomorrow!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Feeling Crafty and Domestic...

It must be in the air, I've been feeling especially crafty this week. I could hardly wait for yesterday, my only non-sleep deprived day off. I decided to hit the ground running...
Talia and I were showered, dressed and out of the house by 9:30. We headed up to Hobby Lobby, because I'd already searched Michaels and Joann's here in Riverdale. I was looking for some very specific charms. And I found Yarn for a couple of other projects. Just a review on Hobby Lobby...their beading selection was mediocre, but their selection of charms was the best I've seen in my sphere of travel. Their christmas stuff is out, and they have an amazing selection. And I had to really talk myself out of a beautiful turquoise porcelain pumpking for Thanksgiving...I really didn't have anywhere safe to put it(I do have a climbing toddler), but it was beautiful. Also the wire cornucopia...I may have to go back after I get paid.
After Hobby Lobby, we hit the Layton Mall. The main reason being...I only have 2 pair of pants that actually fit. So, walked through the mall...found sweats and a thermal shirt at American Eagle, Earrings and DKNY Jeans at Macy's...on SALE! (I love nice jeans, but I have a hard time paying more than $30 for them...) A new bra at Victoria's Secret(again, I had a $10 off coupon)...A productive day. Talia and I had Lunch in the food court, then headed home.

I laid my sleeping sweetheart in her bed for a nap, and got out all my beading stuff...

I made...

The top one is A "Bridal Bracelet" for my cousin who's getting married...her bridal shower is tomorrow. It's in her wedding colors (black, white and burgundy), with the cool bridal charms I was looking for...
The middle is a bracelet for match some of her fall outfits.
The bottome one is for me....

I also finished up a bunch of baby bracelets for a friend of mine who had a baby girl...

The Hat is for Alec, to match his coat. I also got about 1/2 finished with a hat for Kyle, and have plans to make them for all of us.

The Domestic side came in...I fixed a scrumptious dinner of Roast Beef, Mashed potatoes,and gravy...and another review here. I decided to try the new OreIda "Steam and Mash" potatoes. You put them (straight from the freezer) in the microwave for 10 min then mash as you would normally. They tasted just like I'd done all the work of boiling, peeling, etc all by myself, and were much easier to clean up. High marks...I will probably switch to those on a regular basis.

Then, Cole and I caught up on episodes of Fringe, while intermittently checking the score of the Utes game...we ended up watching the last 8 min of the game, so excited when the Utes pulled out a win!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election and Tag...

So, first of all, I hope EVERYONE voted today. NO MATTER what your decision is, I really, really feel it's so important to let your voice be heard. So, Talia and I braved the snow this morning after I dropped the boys at school. It was fine, it didn't take long, and my voice was heard.

Anyway, this week's been all about taking down Halloween, and getting everything into storage.

My friend Judith Tagged me a few days ago....

I am--a gemini, a wife, a mommy, and sometimes, The Lords instrument in saving lives.

I think--Constantly, I feel like my brain never shuts up.

Everything in Life--has a plan and a purpose. Sometimes it's hard to accept that.

I want--to find a way to get rid of the clutter, more time with my family, to be able to do full pigeon pose someday...

I have--handsome sons, a gorgeous daughter, my soul mate, wonderful parents and In-laws, great siblings/in-laws...and many other things.

I dislike--backbiting, backstabbing, negative gossip, phony people. Can't we all grow up and get out of that High School mentality?

I miss--Grandma Ruth, Staci S, and Julianne C

I fear--that my sons will have to go to war, that my husband will die young, that my daughter will have the same trials I did, and that my grandpa won't be with us much longer.(I know I shouldn't fear the last, but I'm not ready to let him go, and it scares me to see how quickly he's deteriorating).

I feel--lucky to have a husband who understands me, Tired much of the time(but it's worth it for my kids).

I hear--alarms all night at work and sometimes in my dreams.

I smell--too much, my nose is far to sensitive, especially when I'm pregnant or hormonal.

I crave--lately, graham crackers with homemade vanilla frosting. Colored pink.

I cry--when we lose a baby at work, when we help a mom hold her preemie for the first time, when it hits me that my kids are growing so fast...and a lot of other times too...I'm an emotional crier for all the emotions.

I search--the internet for people I've lost track of, the house for an extra binkie or Talia's shoes(she's always running off with someone's shoes),

I wonder--about the future of our country, the economy, and Cole's job.

I regret--nothing major. There are all kinds of little regrets, I suppose. None that I can think of right now.

I wish--Cole's car would last us one more year...then my car will be paid off and we'll only have 1 car payment when we get him a new one...

I love--My husband, my children, my Family...the primary kids, "My" young women....the sisters I serve with.

I care--about the babies whose lives I save, their parents and families.

I always--wash my face and brush my teeth before I go to bed. Tell my kids I love them when they leave for school.

I am not--high strung with my family. I try to be a little more laid back.

I remember--that 5th and 6th grade were awful, that the first quarter of 10th grade was psycho and gave me headaches, and the night I fell in love with my husband. OH, and the births of each of my children.

I believe--That my church is true. And that you can't judge a church by how the people in it behave. That God is loving and forgiving.

I sing--everything. Lullabies to my babies. In the Car. In the shower. To my ipod as I'm cleaning. At the top of my lungs when I'm alone, and more normal tones when I have company. At work, if music is on. And sometimes when it's not.

I don't always--remember to change the sheets on my kids beds as often as I should. Or to put clothes in the dryer from the washer.

I argue--not often. It's not usually worth my stress.

I write--whatever I want. Especially in my's public because I make it so, but it's most of all for ME.

I win--not often. My fantasy football season proves that...I had a 1-7 record until this week when my team mangaged to win. I figure I already won everything I want and need with my husband and kids.

I lose--sleep every time I work. It's Ok, children won't be little forever, and it's worth it to me to work mostly while they're asleep. I'll have plenty of time to sleep when they don't need me as much anymore.

I listen--to everyone's side of the story. And usually try to stay neutral. I also keep everyone's secrets. If you confide in me, no matter what happens, it stays locked away.

I don't understand--why Heavenly Father makes good couples infertile, and allows young and/or drug addict mothers to birth multiple babies into terrible environments. I don't understand why so many of the above population keeps babies that they obviously can't care for properly. And I will never understand how anyone can harm a child in any way.

I can usually be found--At mom's pool in the summer, Cleaning the kitchen first thing in the morning, and in my bed at Talia's naptime.

I am happy--most of the time.

Whew...that was a long one. I tag (if you have the time)...Mindy P, Cami A, Christie J, Sherri V...and if you've already done this tag, sorry...I can't keep track.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So, another year of Halloween is finally over, and I must say it's a little bittersweet. I think it really was our best one ever...especially from the comments I have heard. So, thanks to everyone who came over and supported Cole's creative efforts!!

So, first things first....

For school, Kyle was a Mercenary (You'd have to know my 3 men, especially the father all stems from a couple of video/computer games)

From October 2008

Alec, after much changing of his mind, decided to be Iron Man....

From October 2008

Pumpking carving was fun, Kyle got to use a real knife for the first time, and both boys did all the carving and design of their pumpkins...they did a great job!

From October 2008

Then, on the 30th, we had a little "Test Run" to test lighting, fog machines, and make sure everything was working properly. We had a little Donut and Hot chocolate party for anyone who wanted to come....

From October 2008

Then, Halloween itself. Now, every year I get the question,"Do you dress up?" and when the answer is "NO!", I get asked, "Why not?". Well, it's really because I don't enjoy being dressed up, walking around trick or treating, and having to worry about being in costume AND running after my kids. I prefer to be comfy, in jeans and a hoodie, on halloween. It makes it more fun for me. This year, however, I decided to play around with my makeup, and came up with a rather dramatic look that got pretty good reviews. Cole actually compared me favorably with Elizabeth Taylor in "Cleopatra", and said if he'd known I was going to "dress up", He would have bought me some accessories. I had a lot of dark blue eyeliner, diamond sparkles, etc...and no, my skin is not really that pale, it's actually paler...I have blush on to give me some color!

My favorite pics...

Talia was the most gorgeous Little Red Riding Hood EVER!
From October 2008

Kyle my Head Hunter...and Alec my Iron Man
From October 2008

Family Portrait
From October 2008

Me and the Kids
From October 2008

From October 2008

From October 2008

And of course, I can't forget the Man I LOVE!
From October 2008

I made that beaded necklace he's wearing...and I will NEVER work with hemp was a HUGE pain...but it turned out cool.

Now, on to MY time of the year...Thanksgiving and Christmas....Have YOU started your Christmas Shopping yet?