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Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is what sick looks like at our house today. When I got home from work, I immediately went to check on the boys. Alec was sleeping soundly, but had a fever. Kyle was restless, said his stomach hurt, and then rushed to the bathroom to throw up. So, no school again today. At least I didn't need to set an alarm...I got almost 4 hours before they got up. Kyle threw up on and off throughout the early morning, but felt like eating around 8:30 and had been fine that way ever since. Both had fevers in the 103-104 range this morning...even alternating tylenol and advil, their fevers didn't go away. The boys watched a movie downstairs in the morning, and I put a movie on for Talia upstairs...hoping she won't get sick if I can keep her away from the boys. Of course, all she wants to do is be with Kyle. After lunch and another round of advil for the boys, I again was a mean mother and made them lay down for naps. The good news is, this afternoon, their temperatures are back to normal. Maybe they'll be able to go to school tomorrow...they've already missed 2 1/2 days.

The hardest part of this is for Kyle...the Space Derby for cub scouts is tonight. He worked really hard on his rocket, we even used my Cricket to make some cool decals that he modge-podged on...and now he won't be able to go. He's really sad, and I feel really bad, but we can't pass this along if we can help it.

Cole is also feeling crappy...he had to go to work today, but he ended up coming home early, and is napping in the basement as I type. He said he didn't sleep much last night.

Now to come up with something easy for dinner. Although I have had some sleep, and dozed in a chair while Talia watched Nemo, I'm still tired.

And of course, if the boys get to go to school in the morning, tomorrow will be about all their make up work....


This morning, when I got the boys up, Kyle was emotional. I asked him what was wrong, and he said he was cold. Sure enough, he had a fever of 103. Alec also had a fever of 100.6. So, no school for them. I'm a little irritated...there was no sign yesterday that any of them were sick. I had a birthday party at my house, I would have cancelled if I had any idea that they were sick. I just hope Talia doesn't get it..or me, since Cole said he had a fever yesterday too. Someone here at work told me that it was a 3 day thing going around. There goes my days off.....maybe it won't last that long. A girl can hope, can't she?

Monday, March 30, 2009

More Celebrating...

Yesterday kicked off a week long celebration of Talia's 2nd birthday. I know, why a week? With my parents still occupied with my sister's wedding wrap up, and my schedule, we're doing a couple of different family parties. Plus, her actual birthday. So, it's her "Birthday Week", I guess. It makes it a bit easier on me. It's hard to see her turn 2. Last baby, and all that jazz.

So, to start, I made my first attempt at "real" cake decorating. I bought the princess castle cake pan, the Wilton icing colors, and made her birthday cake (with my mom's homemade chocolate cake recipe, yum yum!) Then came the decorating part...It took me awhile, but it wasn't too difficult. I was really pleased with the results...
From Talia's 2nd Birthday

The only thing was I couldn't get my icing to color quite as vividly as in the picture.

Cole's family came over for cake and Ice cream, and Talia got some Darling things...
From Talia's 2nd Birthday

She couldn't get past all the hair barrettes that her grandma had put on the ribbon...we had to take them from her to see what was inside the present!
From Talia's 2nd Birthday

She thought all the clothes were "cute", but she especially loved the box of 6 pairs of princess shoes, and the Dressy Daisy doll...
From Talia's 2nd Birthday

She didn't want to blow out the candles (she likes fire, unfortunately). So I helped her...
From Talia's 2nd Birthday

Then she enjoyed a piece of cake...
From Talia's 2nd Birthday

It was so fun, and again, like last year, it was easier for me because I know it's not yet her "real" birthday. It doesn't matter that for all intents and purposes, she's 2...I don't have to deal with it until Wednesday. :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wedding Bliss!

Here is a slideshow of the wedding...and I'll be putting in a few other pics here and there. It was a long, exciting 2 days, and as much fun as it was, I'm glad it's over.

After working Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday was for finishing up all the last minute stuff I needed to get done. Thursday went by quickly...I went and got my hair done, and worked on some things I needed to do in the afternoon. At 5:30pm, Cole and I headed down to Draper for the "Wedding Breakfast"...which was really a dinner the night before. Not exactly a rehearsal dinner, because there isn't anything to rehearse....
The Dinner was held at the Hidden Valley Country Club. It was family and close friends, and we had a very nice evening. All 4 married siblings and spouses sat at the same table, and we seemed to be laughing most of the night. It was kind of a late night...thank goodness the actual wedding wasn't until 3pm the next day.
From Heidi's Wedding 2

The day of the wedding dawned nice but cold. We sent the boys to school for the morning, and after lunch we dressed up and headed to the Draper Temple. It was sunny, but windy and quite cold. The temple is gorgeous(of course), and the ceremony was beautiful.
After the ceremony, we did pictures. We were freezing. Heidi's photographer prefers shooting in the we froze. The littlest kids (Gracie, Talia and Hunter) were NOT happy...we had to take their coats off for the family pictures, and they were so cold...Talia was whining, Hunter was crying, and all of us were frazzled. Finally (it really wasn't THAT long, it just seems that way when you're cold and dealing with grumpy kids) they were done with us. My brother and I took our families to McDonalds. We got the kids food and let them run around and play for awhile.
From Heidi's Wedding 2

Heidi's reception was at Cactus and Tropicals, a nursery/greenhouse in Draper. It was stunning inside. Beautiful fountains, potted plants, and greenery. She had a Pasta and Ice Cream bar, along with a chocolate fountain for her reception food. We had TONS of was a really fun night. The kids highly enjoyed free run of the food least the dessert bars :).
From Heidi's Wedding 2

We had decided (Me, Brenda, and Adam's sister Megan) to dress all 3 nieces alike. Brenda found these darling dresses, Megan made the cute hair bows, and I made matching bracelets for the girls. They were so cute!
From Heidi's Wedding 2

My sister was practically floating, she was so happy..and honestly, so was her groom. It really was a perfect evening. Around 9:45, the bride and groom took off for their hotel, and my parents, brother, Kyle and I (Cole and Brenda took the younger kids home earlier, when they had had enough) loaded up all the presents and took them to the newlywed's apartment. We didn't get home til almost 11:30pm by the time we were done.

All in all it was a great couple of days, and it's wonderful to see my sister so happy. The only not so great things were the cold, and my feet...I wore 4 inch heels, which I don't very often(although the shoes weren't brand new, I've been wearing them for a couple of months) and my feet were killing me...and I ditched my shoes about halfway through the reception for my bare feet. My feet are still achy today. It was worth it, though...the last of my siblings is married and starting out on a wonderful adventure...what more can you ask for?

Thursday, March 26, 2009


There are so many great "little things" that go along with being a Mom. One of the best, however, is when your children learn to say "I Love You too". Last night, after I put Talia to bed, and, as always after I kiss her, I say "I love you"...she said "I love you too." I couldn't believe my ears, and I got a little emotional. I wondered if it was just a one time thing, but today when I put her down for her nap, she repeated it again.

I still get a little thrill when all my kids tell me they love me, but my heart is bursting today!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time flies...

I am currently working my 4th shift in the last 5 days. I was blessed to have daycare for Talia today, but my cell phone has rung nonstop all day, so I didn't get undisturbed sleep (I turn off the ringer on my regular phone, but I leave my cell phone on vibrate just in case daycare or the school needs to get hold of me. Of course, today the school called. Among others.) I'm tired. However, I'm looking forward to the rest of the week...all the fun that comes along with my sister's wedding. Friday is the big day...I can't wait. I'm sure she's even more excited than me!

So, the reason the school called...While showering Saturday night, Alec got shampoo in his right eye. I just barely switched the boys to regular "adult" shampoo (Kyle really needs it). I told both the boys that they would have to be very careful, that it would sting if it got in their eyes. So, Alec gets it in his eyes. I'm at work, Cole tries to flush it out, but Alec fights him, so he figures it's not that bad. Alec spends all Saturday night crying. Cole finally gets tired of it, and flushes Alec's eye out well (in the middle of the night). Fast forward to Sunday morning...after I wake up. Alec's eye is bright red. On examination, it's quite obvious that the shampoo burned. He's always been sensitive to chemicals in his eyes. Yesterday there was no school, so I didn't have to worry about it. Today, his eye looked better, although still red. So I didn't even think about NOT sending him to school. Halfway through the morning, Alec's teacher notices that his eye is red and it has some discharge. She (as she should) sends him to the office, thinking it's Pink Eye. I can see how they'd make the mistake, and I'm grateful that they're that observant. I told the office the real reason, and no other problems. I wish I had thought to send a note to school, though.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Conversations with an (almost) 2 year old...and other random things.

So, I've been having(or overhearing) some interesting conversations in my house lately.

Thursday night/Friday morning, 1:41 am, I hear Talia whimpering in her room. I get up, and go in to check on her...

Mommy - Talia, it's time for sleep, what's the matter?
Talia - (cue whiny voice) Cupppppyyyyyyy....
Mommy - No cuppy in bed.
Talia - (cue demanding voice) WANT A DRINK!!!
Mommy - Ok (mommy stumbles down the hall to the kitchen, gets the water sippy cup out of the fridge, and takes it down to Talia).
Talia - (drinks)
Mommy - (takes the cup away) It's time to sleep, night night
Talia - Want Milk!
Mommy - No milk in the night. Go back to sleep, it's night night time.
(Talia continues to talk to herself and play in bed for about an hour...which means no good sleep for mommy).

Another one...
(Talia turns on her charm for Daddy's while he's eating toast)

Talia - (big smile) Taste?
Daddy - You want a taste of my Peanut butter and honey?
Talia - Please taste honey?
(Daddy lets her take a bite)
Talia - Nummy Taste!!! (with a huge smile)....

Maybe you had to be there, but both these conversations made me laugh. She is developing quite a vocabulary...

I got a lot done on my Thursday off...made bracelets for the 3 little girls (Talia, my niece Gracie, and my sister's soon to be niece Abby) to wear to the wedding. The 3 little girls are going to match(we hope) and their bracelets are so cute. I also made myself one that goes with my new dress...I will post pics when I get the chance. I also repaired all the bracelets that Talia broke a couple of weeks ago. She's been better about not breaking them if I remind her.

The wedding is less than a week away....and of course, Cole got a summons for Jury Duty this week. He called Friday night...and has to call back on Wednesday. We're hopeful that he won't get called in...they only called 1-37 for Monday thru Wednesday, and his number is in the 80's...

My Husband didn't have anyone show up to help clean the church this he and my 3 kids did it by themselves. I am still a bit annoyed that our Ward's turn is during both soccer seasons...It puts a huge strain on me every Saturday during soccer season. I'm trying to think positive, and remember the blessings, but when no one shows up, the responsibility falls on my family....

I had a whole bunch of other random things I wanted to post about...but they've gone right out of my short term memory. I'll post later if I remember...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is in the air....FINALLY!

I'm LOVING the spring weather....T shirt weather...the wonderful smell in the air as the earth comes to life again....It's time.

Alec took advantage of Monday's warm weather by practicing riding his bike...
From March 2009

We've had some trouble getting him to want to learn to ride without the training wheels. He's actually doing well....
From March 2009

Except that he can't get himself started. He rides and stops just fine though....

After Cole got tired of getting him started, Alec decided to try out his new scooter that he got for Christmas...
From March 2009

Unfortunately, he doesn't have the greatest balance...this pic was taken just after he fell...again. He gets himself going too fast, and can't get his second foot on the platform...oh well. He'll eventually get it, I hope.

Took this cute pic of Talia while she was taking a late nap on Monday...she didn't get her normal nap because of Kyle's play.
From March 2009

I know it's a little dark, but it was dark in her room, and I wanted the pic to be realistic, without the flash screwing it up.

Now, I just hope the weather holds through the wedding....

Monday, March 16, 2009

On the Mend

Well, I think we're on the mend. It's been exhausting...between me and Talia having the cold, Kyle coming down with it over the weekend, and Alec was coughing this morning (I'm praying it was just because he didn't want to eat his breakfast). Today, though, I finally feel good again. I was able to workout again, although not up to the intensity I was at before I got sick. Not for quite as long, either...but I made up for that by walking to and from the school for Kyle's play today. Speaking of Kyle's play....
From March 2009

Here's my very own Grizzly Bear...who wrestled with one of the famous "Mountain Men" (it's terrible, I can't remember which one and I just saw the play an hour ago). Kyle and his classmates did a great job acting out the Tall Tales. I was really proud of him.

We had one last bridal shower for my sister last Saturday. I did attend, although I still wasn't feeling the greatest. It took all my energy, I basically went home and crashed. It was a lot of fun aunts and Gran did a great job.
From March 2009

From March 2009

(my sister ALWAYS blinks!)
From March 2009

I feel like this wedding is occupying my whole month...not that I mind. I am so excited to see my sister marry this amazing man she loves. His family is so great too...but I will be glad to get back to normal...whatever that is.

Our nephew Hunter turns 1 this Saturday. Chris and Brenda had his party a week early, so we celebrated yesterday.
From March 2009

From March 2009

On the subject of birthdays...our baby is quickly approaching her second one...and we are approaching the "potty" frontier. She's asking to go potty a couple of times a day at least. She's usually just gone in her diaper, but she definitely recognizes that she's going. She mostly just makes gas while sitting there...although Sunday morning she was pooping, but didn't quite finish before she stood really wasn't that much of a mess, we just scooped it from the potty seat into the toilet, and praised her profusely...
From March 2009

(like the "clothes" I created in Paint...she was naked, and I just didn't feel OK posting her sitting naked on the toilet).
Cole just rolled his eyes at the princess potty seat and the pink if I would get anything else for my little princess!

Hoping for a healthy week....

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cold 2 Jen 0

Well, that about sums it up. This morning, I woke feeling OK. The fever was gone, and despite the lingering ache and tightness in my upper chest (from the coughing), I felt like I was on the mend. I decided to get our monthly grocery shopping done. BIG mistake. Talia was grumpy. My energy wasn't completely back. She was in tears about every little thing...from being told "No" to falling down (which she did A LOT today). My fever made a rapid re-appearance about halfway through, despite the ibuprofen I took before we left. So, we finally get done, we're in line...Talia falls again, tears, etc...I put her back in the cart, but she keeps crying. Of course, I thought it was just because I put her back in the cart. Turns out, she got a little cut. Unfortunately, the cut was on her knuckle. So, blood EVERYWHERE. All over her hands, pants, blanket, and the carseat by the time I managed to get a bandaid on her. Fruit snacks did make her feel better on the way home, then we stopped at Wendy's. Eating a cup of ranch dip with a few bites of chicken nuggets is guaranteed to make her feel better. I put up the fridge and freezer stuff, changed into my sweats, and now I'm going to lay on the couch for awhile and try to regroup. The rest of the groceries will have to wait until the boys get home and I can use them to bring it all in.

Stupid Cold.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cold 1 Jen 0

So, I've lost the battle against this cold. It's come in full force. My chest is killing me, trying to talk puts me into spasms of coughing, and the fever just tops it all off with a warm, uncomfortable glow. No wonder Talia has been grumpy...

I shouldn't complain too's really the first cold I've had this year. I was lucky and didn't get the croupy stuff everyone else in my family had in January. I missed the cold that Cole and Talia had in February. So I won't complain too much....

On the upside, Talia seems to be feeling better hopefully recovery will be quick...

Oh, Rachael, thanks for bringing me a care package since I missed the RS dinner!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So, I'm feeling kind of blah, blah, blah. I haven't had anything spectacular to post. Most of my "blog list" hasn't had much to post (but a HUGE THANK YOU to those that have!)'s that blah, ambivalent time of year, I guess.

I got called off was my turn, and we're still slow. It turned out OK though....Talia has a cold, and she wanted to cuddle with Mom and watch Finding Nemo for the 1000th time. That makes it 9,999,999 times that I have watched that show. However, it's really a great show, and doesn't irritate me that much. There are worse things my kids have liked to watch over and over...(can we say Barney and Teletubbies when Kyle was little? I shudder to remember those days...).

I'm currently trying valiantly to fight off the cold Talia has...and I think I'm losing.

The boys got haircuts on Saturday...but I don't have pic yet....

I can't find a dress for Talia to wear to my sister's wedding....well, maybe I've found one, we'll see....

My daughter parrots everything we say. I've learned that apparently, I say D**mmit too much, and Cole says S**t too much. Working on that, but I can't help but laugh when she copies us.

Along with the parroting, she's getting so good at expressing what she wants through words. "No want it", "something else", and "watch Nemo" are just a few of the phrases she is using on a regular basis. She's also decided that she wants water, not Milk...I've had to lay down the law that she gets milk at meals, and can have water the rest of the time. She also asks every morning at breakfast for Chocolate. I tell her no chocolate for breakfast, but truly, she's a girl after my own heart.

We're struggling with Alec right now. He's at that phase where they stop listening to parents. I'm soooooooooooooooooo very tired of repeating myself 50 million times. I remember when Kyle went through this, but considering Alec's personality, I was hoping he'd pass it such luck.

Kyle is starting to figure out the more adult male/female dynamic. Cole reports that Kyle is all of a sudden very interested in male female interactions on the movies/shows he watches (Those in my family, this is NOT a license to tease him about it...PLEASE!). I know this is an appropriate developmental milestone, but it makes me sad to see him getting so grown up.

That's all about us for now...hopefully spring will come soon, and maybe my blogging mood will improve with fun outdoor activities and pictures....

Friday, March 6, 2009

It's OVER!

So, I hosted a Bridal Shower for my sister yesterday. It's been a week full of preparations, but I was REALLY happy with the way it turned out. The last time I gave a bridal shower, at my old house, only 3 people showed up (Remember Staci?) I've been so nervous this week, and especially yesterday.

I had my little checklist of what needed to be done, and started working on it over the weekend. Wednesday I baked all day (Whoopie Pies, Thank you Mindy! and a dip for Nilla Wafers or Graham crackers called Cookie Dough Dip). I didn't want to do all my deep cleaning until AFTER I was done baking...I tend to be a messy baker. So, yesterday, I cleaned like a maniac...vacuumed all the furniture, swept, mopped, bathrooms, and got rid of my clutter spots (not that they'll stay that way, but I'll try!). Cole took the boys down to Fat Cats for bowling, and Talia stayed with me.

We had GREAT turnout and response from our family. This was my Dad's side of the family, and we had representation from all of my Dad's Brothers' and Sisters' Families. It was so fun...since my Grandma died, we don't see each other often, and we have always been close. When we get together it's like we've never been apart, except we have to catch up on all the news. I Love seeing my cousins and aunts. I was completely EXHAUSTED when it was finally done...I changed into my jammies, laid on the couch, Cole went and grabbed us some dinner, then massaged my back and shoulders. AHHHHHHH......

So, it was a great bridal shower, everyone loved the dessert selection we had...and now I can relax, because it's over. Plus, my weekly cleaning is done a couple of days early. :)