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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Halloween Time!

Ok, so technically it's Halloween from December 26th to October 31st at our house, but now we're to the point of displaying our spirit....

Talia's dance class had a Halloween themed day on Monday.  They all wore their costumes, they played some games, and parents were invited to watch a costume parade and the performance of their Halloween dance. 

Our "Pirate Sword Princess" was so excited...

We've had a few issues at dance.  Talia is one of two youngest in the class, all the other girls except one are at least 4.  She's had a hard time paying attention, and one of the older girls who is a little rambunctious likes to have Talia be playing with her instead of dancing.  I've been talking to Talia a lot, reminding her to dance, to listen to the teacher, to do what the teacher does, and not to run around and play. 

It seems like it's finally "clicking"...she did really good during the Halloween class...

During her "This is Halloween" (song from "The Nightmare before Christmas") dance...

From October 2010

From October 2010

From October 2010

From October 2010

From October 2010

I didn't think she knew the dance at all, because she had been playing instead of dancing.  To my surprise, she knew it pretty well, and performed it well.  It was really fun!

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Rachael said...

Oh... so cute! She looks darling.