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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to Kyle....Part 1

Yesterday was Kyle's friend birthday party at Classic Fun Center in Layton. I have never been so glad that I decided to have someone else do the birthday for was SUCH a good experience. I bought the unlimited package, which was a per person charge for unlimited access to most the activities(they only got one game of Laser tag, and the rock wall was extra). They had so much fun...we arrived shortly before 2, went in, and right away the "party coordinator" connected with me...they already had our "birthday tables" all set up, with tablecloth, balloons, place settings, etc all set up. We got our wristbands, and the kids went to play. As additional kids showed up, I just hooked them up with a wristband, and sent them to find their friends. I sat at the table, read a book, kept an eye out (another nice thing was that because it was a weekday, we almost had the place all to ourselves. It was great). The kids all got about 20 tokens to spend, and most of them tried to win tickets to spend. Classic provided us with 2 choices of soda with unlimited refills, and ice cream cups. I brought cupcakes (the only outside food or drink they allow is you bring your own cake). It was really relaxed for me, until the craziness of closing and watching for everyone's parents. 2 kids actually left without me seeing, and I looked everywhere to make sure they weren't still there before I left. All the kids seemed to have a great time.

Kyle spins the "Birthday Wheel"

I did drink my 16 oz Sugarfree Redbull right before the party. The energy lasted the entire party...but as I was fighting Layton traffic on my way home, I felt the energy leaking out of me...and by the time I got home, I was exhausted and starving. My wonderful husband took over the rest of the night. It was great to be able to provide such a great birthday experience for my son. I HIGHLY recommend Classic for parties. They were highly organized, and made my life extremely easy.

A side note on mammograms...I had my first one yesterday morning. I've heard many things..ranging from "just a bit of discomfort" to "extremely, extremely painful."
From my perspective, if you can get over the "gentle manhandling" technique that is necessary to posistion you on the machine, it's really just mildly annoying, and a bit pinching at times. It really only lasts for a second, and then it's done. Don't put off getting one if you need can save your life.

P.S. Thanks for delivering my prize Mindy...sorry I didn't have a chance to call last night and thank you...they're so Cute!!!!


Min said...

Sounds like the boys had fun.. we liked the party we attended there too. Glad you got the magnets! I keep driving by because the girls caught sight of your neighbors hanging ice collection... they are in awe.

Nathan said...

That sounds like a blast! I remember the days of Classic Skating...oh memories... :-D

Aly said...

You are such a fun mom. I'm sure he loved every minute of it. Aly