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Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Bloggiversary to ME!!

And (another) Merry Christmas to me as well, because I spent this afternoon spending a good portion of the Christmas money given to me by my In-Laws, and my grandparents. I'm really excited about my "score". I actually got the Cricut Cartridge yesterday (yes, I know, on Sunday, but there is a reason)...I saw the Michael's ad online Saturday night while I was working, and the solutions carts were on sale for $29.95. I wanted to get there and get the 2 I wanted at that price...Indie Art and Stone Script. By the time I got there (I slept in after working), they were already out of Stone Script...but they gave me a raincheck!!! So, Indie Art is here, and I'll be getting the other soon...I'm really excited, as I plan to make a little sign for my front door..."Naptime is daily from 12pm to 3pm. Please do not disturb us by ringing the doorbell or knocking during this time". Or something to that effect. So, this afternoon...I got called off, and Cole wanted to go spend his Chrismas to come of that tomorrow. After we picked up his, we headed to the mall. I really was only looking at purses, and found what I wanted. I love purple, and have looked for an amethyst/slightly irridescent purse since the deep purples came back into style this season. I love purses, but I'm picky about them...they have to have pockets in all the right places for all the right things, and the straps have to be the right length...all with a look that I love!. I found it in this only complaint was that this line was the only line of purses NOT on Sale at Macy's! Oh, well, it was the last one in that beautiful color. As I wandered the mall, Cole went off to buy mannequins from Mervyns, and I ended up at Famous Footwear...and found the shoes on Clearance. I had a coupon too, so I got them for a KILLER deal for Sketchers. I saw them before, and thought they were cute, but I didn't want to pay $60 for them. I'm thrilled with my stuff... So, what's wrong with this picture? This is our next door neighbor (their backyard borders our side yard). This house is owned by someone who lives out of state, their son lives here with roommates while going to school. They all left for winter break, and these icicles have just grown and grown. I really hope they don't take the raingutters with them when they start to break.... This icicle wraps all the way around the car...I couldn't get a very good shot of it from my angle. Apparently, their other next door neighbor called the owners, and even emailed pictures of the problem, but they live in Washington state and either don't realize what a problem it might be, or don't care.

Isn't it funny to watch a cat play fetch?

As I've thought about my year in blogging, I've become very introspective. This year has been a good journey, and now it's time to focus on the the coming year. Stay tuned....


Six-Pack Momma said...

Indy plays fetch just like Oreo. Too funny! Oreo isn't even a Manx! Wierd cats! He's gotten so big- the kids were just talking about going to visit the other day.

Oh, and Happy Bloggiversry!

Rachael said...

I like that purse, it seems like we have very similar taste in things. Every time Jesse and I drive by that house we keep wondering why who ever is staying there doesn't take care of it. Hopefully when all that melts it doesn't cause you guys any problems.

Min said...

Good finds! I have been wondering about those ice cicles too... the girls love them...