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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Finally Done!

Kyle is in 5th grade. I remember 5th grade as the year I started to not like school. Some of that was social (girls start to get really mean at that age), most of it was math (Long division defeated me...and I hated it so much that no amount of "persuading" from my parents or teachers could release that mental block), but the past couple of months, I realize another reason why....

The dreaded State Report. I hate homework. I am seriously opposed to homework in most forms. The state report was done almost entirely at home...which made it homework. In it's worst form. It's been 2 months of prodding Kyle to do what he needed too...fights over him bringing the appropriate books home from the library...emailing the state only to be ignored...teaching my child the meaning of plagarism, and why it's not cool....and the hardest part for me...correcting the written report without actually writing it for him.

I'm happy to say that Kyle gave his state report on Michigan yesterday. He did really well, I was happy with all the hard work he put in, and I am very, very proud of him.

Getting ready to start
From March 2010

I didn't get a great picture of it, but he and Cole created that shirt he's wearing...Michigan, the Arsenal of Democracy, WWII
From March 2010

Explaining his 3D map, state flag, tree, bird, and flower
From March 2010
(He got lots of questions on how he created the 3D map...a lot of credit goes to his father, for teaching him the technique of using tracing paper, clay, glue, and paint to create such a cool map. The teacher was quite impressed).

During the question and answer portion...
From March 2010

Kyle did a great job, but I'm really glad it's over. 5th grade homework is killing me. (only because I have to make sure it gets done! I hate that part. Sorry, Mom, for all the fighting about homework when I was in 5th grade!)

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Judith said...

I'm glad it's over for you too. Ammon just finished with Science Fair and we're just beginning the state project. I actually liked the project and math stuff, but any writing involved...that's why this research paper is kicking my butt.