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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A monthly ritual

I thought I'd share some of the process of my monthly ritual...getting my hair cut and colored. 

I've been with the same stylist for almost 5 years.  Her name is Janelle Taylor, and she's a genius with color.  She's also a perfectionist, which means my cut and color are always perfect.  She started out at a salon near my house, but a little over a year ago, moved to a more upscale salon.  She works at Salon Tantrum on highway 193 in Layton. 

First of all, it's an amazing salon.  It spans the entire top floor of the building.  It's a very relaxing environment.  They have probably 20 or so stylist stations, but no crowding.  The nail stations are separated a bit, so you never have "fume" spillover.  They also have esthetician and massage services available.  They serve coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks, and of course water.  They also bring around a snack mix that is so delicious, as well as frozen grapes.  Really relaxing, upscale environment. 

So, here I'm all in my foils
From April 2010

During the washing out process, they also give you a head massage and the option of a facial pressure point massage.  I love to enjoy both, but Janelle still has the best technique for the facial massage of any of the girls who've ever done it...

All washed out...
From April 2010

Did I mention that the view from the windows is stunning?  

And here's me and the "artist" (because she truly is) who styles my hair....
From April 2010

I highly recommend the salon.  Janelle is at one of the medium price points for her experience level, but if you go in to a more beginning stylist, the prices are lower, but you still get the experience, (and the more experienced stylists mentor the newer ones, so you don't have to worry that way, either). 

If you do go in, put my name as the referral so I can earn points towards services. 

After my hair appointment yesterday, I dropped in on my Dad at work.  It was his birthday.  Happy Birthday Dad!  I couldn't have asked for a better father!  Even during all our years of arguing (that stopped when I finally Won one... ;)) , you were the best! I love you!


Rachael said...

HOLY CRAP JEN!!! Janelle is who I go to! She has been doing my hair now for a little over a year. I used to have another lady that works there do my hair. But when Janelle did it once, I haven't gone back.

I pay a lot for what I have done; multi-dimensional highlights. But I figure it's worth the price.

Oh my gosh it's a small world!

Rachael said...

Also you are very brave to have your picture taken in foils.

Now that I know she's who does your color, maybe I'll be brave enough to do something a little more wild.