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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My uplifting week

I couldn't post this until today, when everything was finalized.  This story is very spiritual, and depending on your belief system you may or may not believe me, but I had to document it for my family.  This blog is my family's record. 

Last Friday night, I got the most WONDERFUL news.  First a little background.  Remember this post?  Tony and Katy, Xander's parents, have had the most wonderful miracle.  They have been Foster parents for several years.  Right before Xander's death, they were planning to put themselves back on the list to be foster parents again, but wanted to get through a few things that Xander needed first.  Then he died, and despite their grief, Katy KNEW that they needed to get back on the list.  Her faith is amazing. They did a short term placement, and then were entrusted with a baby girl who's mom was dealing with addiction issues.   The mom ended up feeling unable to the task of caring for her infant, and in a moment of divine inspiration, (she had been praying while trying to get herself cleaned up) realized that her baby was supposed to be Tony and Katy's daughter.  She relinquished her parental rights. 

Friday night, Tony and Katy attended our preview party.  Katy was telling me all about it, I was so excited for them.  Katy mentioned that the baby had been a NICU baby, that she had picked her up from our NICU.  A feeling went through me, and I remembered something from earlier this year. 

In March, I went on a c-section of a preemie that was a little scary.  Because of the mother's history and how the baby looked on the monitors, I thought we were going to get a baby that was barely alive, and I was worried and nervous.  The baby did very well, however, considering her situation.  She stayed in our unit for several weeks, and Child Protective Services became involved.  We knew the baby was going to go to foster care, and I had this overwhelming feeling that this little girl was supposed to go to Tony and Katy.  I mentioned it to one of the nurses I work with, but the next time I worked, the baby girl had already been placed with a family (It's not like I have anything to do with the placement process, I just had that feeling).  Then, a couple of weeks later, I found out that Tony and Katy had had a baby placed with them, and I let it go. 

On Friday, Katy was telling me her story, and I asked her for background on the mom.  When she was telling me the story, I wanted to cry for the joy of it...this baby was meant to go to them, to be their daughter.  I remembered exactly that I had known she was meant for them.  It was one of those moments that I knew the Lord's hand was in every nuance of that child's life...sometimes, we see things in the NICU that make us want to doubt in the Lord's plan and purpose.  This was a reminder to me that the Lord does have a plan and a purpose, and I need to trust in that. 

Tony and Katy adopted their daughter officially on Thursday.  She was sealed to them for time and eternity yesterday, and we were privileged to attend a party celebrating last night.  Little Madison is now 7 months old, and despite being very small, she is meeting all her adjusted milestones and not showing any ill effects from her mother's addiction demons.  My heart is so full of joy for Cole's "fourth brother" and the expansion of their family. 

My testimony is also strengthened. 


Six-Pack Momma said...

That is a great story. It is good to be reminded that everything was laid out as part of the plan before we even got here.

Rachael said...

That's awesome!!!

Mindy said...

What a great experience!! We need to share these testimony experiences to solidify them in us, and to help others. Thanks for sharing that, and reminding me at a most important time that Heavenly Father has a plan for me.