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Thursday, December 9, 2010

2nd Place!!!!!

I'm so proud of my (soon to be) 12 year old! 

Kyle's been working hard (with a lot of..."encouragement") on his science fair project for the past month or so.  He's always been a smart kid, and he enjoys science, but working on a deadline is a concept we're still working on...he takes after me at that age, I was always the worst procrastinator (remember Mom and Dad?).  I finally understand why my parents were frustrated all those years....

He took 2nd Place in his category!
He built a Static Electricity detector, and tested different materials to see whether they carried a positive or negative static charge. 
From December 2010

From December 2010

All set up...
From December 2010

We got all set up, only to realize that Kyle had forgotton to unplug the detector when he put it up, and his battery was drained.  I rushed home to try to find a 9 volt battery...we had one, but since I couldn't remember when I bought it (It had to be at least 5 years old, it was buried at the back of a junk drawer), it didn't have enough power...he was lucky he didn't have to demonstrate, only explain.  I was tired from working the last 2 nights, and I was really frustrated, and a little worried, but it all worked out.  If we go on to district, I'll make sure he has a fresh battery AND a spare just in case...

After we went back that night and found out he'd won 2nd place..
From December 2010

It was a lot of hard work, but we're really proud of him!  He's really turning that corner between child and young adult.  We've had a difficult autumn, with him making what I would call poor choices, but we've had a couple of good weeks now, and he's trying really hard to do what's right.  He's exactly 2 weeks away from being old enough to hold the priesthood...(cue my teary eyes)

In other news...
Talia, throwing a minor tantrum when we went to help Kyle set up...
From December 2010

We've officially reached a "difficult" stage.  Most people know that Talia has been my easiest child.  Kyle was actually very easy too, until he turned this same age (Alec was difficult as an infant..3 is the age he actually became easier, probably because he lives in his own little world most the time).  Talia has hit 3 1/2, and believe me, I know it.  She is very smart, very social, and is constantly testing boundaries.  She currently thinks the word "No" doesn't apply to her, and when I have to get firm about it, dissolves into tears. 

"Drama" has new meaning at our house. 

When I was pregnant with Talia, people warned me that girls were more dramatic.  Now, theoretically I knew this, but both my boys were highly emotional and on the more dramatic side anyway, so I thought I was prepared.  Talia, however, has topped the drama scale set by my boys by a LARGE margin. 

Cole's theory is that it's hormonal, even at her young age, and that she is on the same hormone cycle as me.  I'd love to pass that off as "male" fiction, but unfortunately, I see a correlation.  Dang hormones. 

She's also exploring her nurturing side, much to my delight.  It's always fascinating to me to experience the differences in my boys and my girl...My boys are tender hearted, but watching my daughter lovingly tuck in her multitude of stuffed animals, insist that they have blankets (I continue to be glad I saved most her baby blankets, because there is always a need), and of course, they all have to sleep on her bed with her.  Sometimes there's only a sliver of room for her on her bed, with the way she has them positioned.  She doesn't care, she wants them all with her.  I remember having a few "special" animals or dolls that were my favorites, but she doesn't play favorites...she loves ALL of them and gives all of them pretty equal time.  She loves her Littlest Pet Shop pets as well, and loves to make any shoe she can find into a vehicle for them.  Of course, any princesses are also at the top of her list, and listening to her play with all her little figures is highly entertaining.  I'm constantly amazed at the story lines she comes up with at her age...but maybe I shouldn't be, because all my children have active imaginations. 

Alec...still lives in his own head a lot.  I worry the most about him, perhaps, because I can't anticipate what he's thinking like I can with the other two.  He's cruising through school, I'm SOOOO glad I didn't hold him back a year because of his late birthday.  Socially, he finally has seemed to make one or two friends who understand him, which has eased my mind...he's had problems having close friends, so it's nice to hear him talk about playing with the same kids on a daily basis. 

The things we worry about as parents, I never realized how scary and rewarding  parenting can be...sometimes all in the same moment.  Sometimes I think I will never be as good a mom as mine, or some of the other shining examples I have the privilege to call my friends.  My work hours make me tired, grumpy, and less than patient, I'm a perfectionist, which makes me a little on the critical side (even as I try not to be).  Then I realize that my kids are loved, and they KNOW that they are loved.  Hopefully, that's all that matters. 


Rachael said...

Awesome job Kyle!!!

Julie said...

Way to go, Kyle. That is so great. Sounds like hard work paid off. I can relate to emotional ups and downs of girls, but it does get better (even if it's only for a little while). After all, I remember what I was like growing up and even now sometimes.