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Friday, September 30, 2011

In Memory of Cosette July 31, 2000 to September 30, 2011

From February 2011

We got Cosette when Kyle was 18 months old.  We wanted a small, in house pet for Kyle, and I've always loved cats.  We went to a rescue operation, and when all the kittens were placed around Kyle, Cosette immediately came over to him and started climbing on him.  We knew she was the one.  She was always Kyle's cat, she slept with him almost every night for many years, until the last 6 months when she couldn't jump on his bed anymore.  She was really good with all our kids...she tolerated a lot, and when she was done, she would nip at the kids, but she almost never broke the skin.  She was our attack cat, she liked the family, but would hiss at anyone else...and in her younger years she used to chase the babysitters up the stairs. 

Last April, she started not doing very well.  She had a couple of seizures, and I thought we were going to have to put her to sleep.  The Vet  thought it was an infection, and gave her an antibiotic.  He also told us that she needed to lose weight (we knew), and prescribed weight loss food.  I wanted to give her more time, so we bought it.  She lost at least 10 lbs, and for awhile did better, but this month, she started looking not so good.  She couldn't jump up to her favorite place on the couch anymore, we had to lift her.  She couldn't always make it up the stairs, or to her litter box in time.  Cole traveled the 3rd week of September, and there was one day she looked so bad, I thought she was going to die while he was gone.  She waited for him to come back however. 
The last week of September, she only came upstairs until Wednesday.  Thursday she stayed in the exact same spot most the day, curled on a blanket in the basement.  I got in the habit of checking on her any time I went downstairs for anything.  Friday, after lunch, when I went downstairs, I glanced over to her "spot"...and I knew it was over.  I wrapped her body in a towel, and then I had to tell the boys.  We all cried.  She was an amazing cat, and we will miss her a lot. 

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