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Monday, December 12, 2011

Girls Lunch

Cole went to San Diego for work this week.  I was doing some Christmas shopping, and texted my friend Rachael to see if she and her daughter (Talia's best friend Kimmy) wanted to meet us at Zupas for lunch...yum!

From December 2011

Lunch was fun, and shopping after was fun until the girls gave me an anxiety attack by running off in the store and hiding so I couldn't find them....I felt bad about cutting the afternoon short, but I needed Talia to know that running away was not acceptable behavior.  I think she learned her lesson, she spent the afternoon apologizing for running away...

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Rachael said...

Those two!!! They were both guilty little stinkers. Maybe next time when we'e not in a rush to get things done, and can just take our time it wont be so worrisome.