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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Did you miss us?

***** Warning ***** Long, picture intense post *****

I missed blogging. Last week was just so busy, I barely got on the computer to do the necessary, grown up stuff.

So, we started out last week by heading to Lagoon on Monday night. We like going on Mondays, typically there's not as many people there. This time, for the first time since Alec was very small, we walked through the circus museum (scary...very disturbing clowns) and building with the carriages.
From July 2009

Tuesday, Kyle went to scout camp. He had a really good time. I was so proud of him...he's very fair skinned like me. We put sunscreen on him, and I told him to put more on at lunch time. He did what he was asked, and didn't have one trace of's nice when they get old enough to take care of themselves a bit.
We swam at my parent's on Tuesday was very relaxing.

Wednesday morning, bright and early, I took the kids out school shopping. JC Penney was having a sale, and I had a coupon for an extra 15% off all merchandise, no exclusions. They boys are all set....
From August 2009

I also finally got around to unpacking some passed along clothes for Talia from a good friend (Thanks, Michele!) Talia now has a bunch of stuff for fall(notice the clothes stacked on the arm of the couch), a bunch of new shoes, and boots...she couldn't wait to put the rainboots on and dance around the house....
From August 2009

Thursday and Friday I worked. While at daycare, Talia discovered a new passion.
From August 2009

Apparently, she LOVES to paint...with a brush. Not so much with her fingers, but give her a brush, and all's well. She seems to like stormy colors....not that I blame her, because thunderstorms are one of the most beautiful things in nature IMHO.

Friday was emotionally draining for me, and I felt like I spent the entire weekend recovering. Saturday was relaxing at the pool,

From August 2009

(my 1 year old nephew Hunter jumping to my brother)

and getting ahead of my clutter. I try to keep a clean house, but I tend to have a few spots where clutter collects. Papers, bags, books, toys...all these books were either stacked on my night table, the floor by my bed, or the top of my dresser. There are 23 of them (yes, I counted).
From August 2009

And yes, I'm aware I have a problem. It's not enough to read...I LOVE to be surrounded by books. I love to be able to just grab one at random and flip through to my favorite parts. All that isn't including the small stack of magazines (really, there's only 5 or 6 :)), or the cubby I stuff my beading idea magazines into (after all, I spent the money on them...and I do utilize the ideas when I'm crafting). Clutter conquered, both in my bedroom and the kitchen, at least for a week or two. It's funny...I can live in certain amount of clutter induced chaos for awhile...even a month or two at times. Then it starts to drive me crazy and I have to get ahead of it.

Sunday was typical, church in the morning, naps in the afternoon, and walking with my parents in the evening. We walked to my brother's house. My niece Gracie (she just turned 5) was gracious enough to use some of her new nail polish (birthday gifts) to give all us girls manicures....It really was so much fun, I am excited for when it will be Talia giving me a manicure.
From August 2009

Gracie pampers Nana
From August 2009

Gracie painting my nails
From August 2009

Talia's turn..
From August 2009

My nails...finished!
From August 2009

Talia's done!
Unfortunately, ;) the nail polish pretty much dissolves in water, so it was gone when I washed my hands a little bit later. I guess we enjoyed the process so much, that it doesn't matter.
From August 2009

My dad is so talented...he can balance a golf tee on his nose!!! ;)

Yesterday (another Monday) got up early to work out (the multiple vinyasa's killed my shoulders, girls, just so you know :)) PX09 yoga...we only got in about 40 minutes, but it was pretty intense. We swam for awhile at mom's, and then headed off to Lagoon. Cole invited his mom to go with us. We had a really great time. It was really hot, but not extremely busy, so it wasn't bad. We got our family picture taken at pioneer village...the kids were really good and it was really fun.
From August 2009

(trying to pull a Mindy, with the red wall as a background...the kids weren't really cooperative by this point, though)
From August 2009

Everyone else (including Cole's Mom) rode Rattlesnake Rapids...
From August 2009

(I got this printed in Sepia, but the pics on the disk are in color, and I don't have editing software that will let me fix it...perhaps I'll have to download the free photoshop trial...)
From August 2009

That's been our week....


Rachael said...

I like the pictures at end of your post the best. They're darling, I can't believe you would put a gun to your husband! ;)

Sounds like a fun week. I love when I'm so busy I don't have time to be home. It makes the time we are home so much more relaxing.

Happy cleaning!!!

Rachael said...

Oh... I almost forgot. Don't forget to fill out the survey from your receipt, on jcpenney's website for another 15% off coupon. Your not supposed to be able to print out more than one every month. But they don't take into account that I have more than one computer in my house. I usually have two per month. :) he he...

BookwormMom said...

The gun's just to strong-arm him into giving me my way....oh, but since he does that all the time anyway, I guess I didn't really need to...

Mindy said...

Or you could send them my way. :)
Love that red wall!! My hamstrings felt awful the next two days, my shoulders felt sore for that day only thank heavens...