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Monday, July 27, 2009

What to do when there's no power....

So, yesterday afternoon, right as I was finishing up getting ready for work, the power went out. I hurried to smooth the top layers of my hair before my straightener wasn't hot anymore. Then, work called and I was called off. I was really excited...but then I realized how hot the house was with no electricity. No cooler, no fans, no air movement. We decided to get the kids out of the house...and (even though this is something I typically wouldn't allow on Sunday) let them jump on the tramp with the sprinklers. They had such a good time, stayed outside and played nicely together for more than 2 was great.

It took Talia a little while to warm up to the idea of sprinklers, but soon she was enjoying it as much as her brothers!

The cats love to snuggle with Kyle...Indy and Cosette actually had a little "skirmish" to see who would get to lay right next to him, and Cosette won this round!


Kristen said...

I hope your power wasn't out to long! Sprinklers rock!

Rachael said...

Your power was out too? Jesse and I got home a little after 5, walked in the house and... no power. I was going to do a post with that same title. Great minds think alike. We had no clue what time the power went out, all we knew was it had been out for some time (our upstairs was toasty). Jesse called the power company and was told it only affected 9 houses. I'm wondering if it was more than nine houses???

Looks like so much fun, thats the kind of stuff I look forward to doing with our kids. Jesse just wont let me get a tramp. Talia's so cute and dainty!!!