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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Growing up....

My children are growing up. There's no denying it anymore. I've tried and tried to hang on to them...and I'm realizing that I have to let them go, and it's going to be ok.

Kyle decided in June that he wanted a new bike. A mountain bike with hand brakes and gears. A real, grown up bike. Unfortunately, his birthday isn't until December. He decided he would save his money.

I've watched him, all summer long. He's been mowing our lawn and doing a few chores for Grandma(and I know very well that Grandma overpays, but it's her privilege as Grandma :)). He's also saved any "gift money" he's been given. He's had times when he's been tempted to spend some money, and gave in to spending a little bit at Scout Camp, but for the most part he's been driven to save enough to buy his bike before the weather turns cold. We've looked at bikes several times, watching prices, trying to give him an idea of what style/color he wants.

Last week, Cole noticed that the Layton Walmart was clearancing their bikes. He took Kyle down, and even though he hadn't saved quite enough (he was about $20 short) the price was too good to pass up. $80 for a $130 bike is a killer deal. So, we loaned Kyle the rest of the money he needed (he still has to mow the lawn until October, so there's plenty of time to pay us back). My 10 year old bought his own, grownup mountain bike.

I am so proud of him!!! From a very young age, we teach our children that if they want "toys" they have to earn and save their own money. This is the second time Kyle has been able to work towards saving for something "bigger and better", and to a 10 year old, $80 is a LOT of money. I know it was hard for him, especially when Alec would take his own money and buy Bionicles or Bakugans. The learned responsibility shows...I bought a bike lock, so the boys could ride their bikes to school. Kyle wants to use the bike lock in the neighborhood, to make sure his cool, new bike doesn't disappear (we have had bikes and other things stolen before :( ). It's nice to see him taking responsibility for his things.

Speaking of riding to school, I let the boys ride their bikes for the first time today. I didn't think it would be so hard...they're growing up.

I've been hanging on to Alec too hard too. He's always been my more difficult child...he processes information so differently than Kyle, that I worry more about him. He is in his own world, oblivious to the rest of the world. I've babied him, I'll admit...I worry that his different take on the world won't keep him safe. Yesterday, however, I finally let him have a bit more freedom (he is in second grade, after all) and let him do what Kyle has done for several years...take a walkie talkie, and go out into the neighborhood. He did really good, always letting me know where he was, keeping track of the walkie...he's ready. It's so hard for his mommy, though....

On the up side, They both seem to like school so far. Kyle's excited for choir to start next week. I'm liking the routine so far. It's been easier for me to get up at 7 this year....probably because I got used to getting up at 6:30 a couple of times a week to exercise over the past month or so. Our mornings have been pretty good, the kids have done exactly what they were supposed to, and LISTENED when I've been talking...It's been good.

Talia didn't notice the boys being gone as much as I thought she would. On Monday, she seemed to enjoy not having to share the TV or her "space" with the boys....Yesterday, I had to go into a meeting at work, and she came with me, so she didn't have a chance to miss them. This morning she finally seemed to notice that the boys weren't here. She's asked me numerous times "Where's Kyle?" "He's at School." "Where's Alec?" "He's at school." She's not as sad as she was last year when they went back, though. It's been good.

I know they have to grow up, and they're growing up so well...I'm so proud of all of them. I'm a lucky mom.


Mindy said...

That is such an accomplishment!! It's hard for me to hold onto $80 sometimes.. I feel much the same way, holding on..
It's all good stuff though, isn't it? :)

Julie said...

I'm impressed that Kyle worked so hard and saved that money. It's not always easy (even for adults).

Rachael said...

What a grown up little man. You must be so proud. You're doing such a great job, I can only wish my kids can turn out so well when they're older.