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Sunday, September 27, 2009


What a week. Quite a lot happening around here....When I came home from work last Sunday morning, this is what I found...
From September 2009

It's so sweet to see them like this...Cosette typically tolerates Indy's wild antics...until she's had enough, and then the hissing starts. They get along pretty well, though.

Sunday night, on our walk with my parents, we walked up to the little town cemetery.
Talia and Alec enjoyed the change of scenery...
From September 2009

And Talia especially enjoyed the fact that she didn't have to stay in the stroller the whole time..
On our way home, we stopped by my aunt and uncle's so my dad could see if there were any veggies left in the garden...and then we relaxed in my cousin's backyard for awhile.
From September 2009

Heidi and Adam enjoyed showing the kids how to roll down a hill properly.

On Monday, Ironman and Spiderman saved the world at our house...
From September 2009

On Wednesday, I had an important meeting at work. I got all dressed up, and couldn't resist taking my own picture (Cole laughs at me, but I LOVE to do that!)
From September 2009

Apparently, the mirror behind me isn't as clean to a camera flash as it appears to the naked eye...

Thursday and Friday were busy nights at work for me. Saturday was what we've been looking forward to all season...


Now, Cole couldn't wait (circumstances made it so I couldn't request Friday night off), and took the boys down for opening night on Friday while I worked. The pics he took are on his blog. However, I really wanted to go opening weekend, so we headed back down last night. It was really fun...and we discovered something pretty funny.
From September 2009

Talia ENOYS being scared! It was so was obvious she was scared of all the "scary monsters". She kept on asking us to go back for more, though.
We went through the Haunted Fun House (which was basically a lot of really freaky clowns), and she whimpered and shook through the whole thing (yes, we enjoy traumatizing our children from a young age) but about a half hour later, wanted to go back. Unfortunately, they only let you go through each haunted house (there are 3, and a kiddie "trick or treat" one too)once per night.
Before any trauma
From September 2009

Waiting for "trick or treat"
From September 2009

From September 2009

There was a laboratory in the kiddie trick or treat. It was not nearly as good as Cole's version...but there was a hanging skeleton. The "mad scientist" was doing a great job. She called the skeleton Henry, and Talia kept saying "No, Bob! Bob, right there, Bob!) I was totally cracking up.

Alec and I right as the Roller Coaster went down the first big hill...
From September 2009

and the view at the top when we came back up from the big hill...
From September 2009

Me and Kyle on the Colossas
From September 2009

And finally, me and Alec with one of the "Chainsaw" guys.
From September 2009

These guys are GREAT, they actually perform dance numbers with their chainsaws, then wander the park in-between performances, chasing squealing girls and other kids. I felt a little bad for them, though, when I realized how hot they must be since the weather was pretty warm last night.

We had a great time. About halfway home, though, Talia got quiet. I said "Talia, are you awake?" She answered, "No, asleep". It made me laugh so hard.

It made for a late night, and a cranky early morning today to get up and to 9am church. It was worth it, though.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I love love Halloween as well.

Rachael said...

What a funny little girl! BTW, you look hot in that outfit! I like that shirt.

Where did you get the shirt? Maybe I'll take Lisa to get her one. :)

Mindy said...

I hope we'll get to go this year.. the girls love it so much.. and we do too!!