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Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank You Ashley!!!!

You may remember, from a previous post, that my wonderful Grandparents gave Talia a trunk of Disney Princess dress-ups for Christmas. She liked them fine, but has never put the clothes on. The jewelry, however, has been on constantly, and I'm actually quite surprised none of it has been lost. I even tried putting the clothes on her, but she just didn't care. Until last night.

Yesterday, she had the opportunity to play at Ashley's house. Ashley had on a dress up, and it's like it clicked in Talia's brain.."Oh! So that's what those are for!" When we got home yesterday (and after naps), she insisted on putting on her Snow White...and wouldn't take it off, even to sleep. So, of course I let her. This morning, it was a combination of Ariel and Sleeping Beauty (these dress ups are 2 piece)...It's too cute and funny the way little kids put accessories together!

From January 2010

From January 2010
(she didn't quite grasp the fact that the lace on the Ariel top was straps..oh well, it's a start!)

I told my Grandmother about cheered her up a little. My grandfather was doing better yesterday, but worse again today, and I think Grans is frustrated and unsure of what to do. All we can really do at this point is pray.

And lest you think I don't ever take pictures of my other kids...

From January 2010
A feature of the best big brother EVER!!!

Alec is really hard to catch, unless I start taking pictures of the other kids...

From January 2010


Rachael said...

How cute! I don't think you really might need to worry until your sons start doing what Hayden is doing to Kimmy. Which is pulling her clothes off her in the morning, then trying to force her into a dress.

I walked in the room and he was all P.O.'d cause Kimmy didn't want to be Cinderella today. And he wanted her to be a princess.

Hayden gets if from his daddy. lol

Mindy said...

Glad we can help her out there! ;)
Hope things improve for your family and especially for your grandma.