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Monday, January 25, 2010

We're going to the Superbowl!!!!!

From January 2010

Last night, the Indianapolis Colts, led my by 2nd husband Peyton Manning, won the AFC Championship and a trip to face the Saints in this year's Superbowl! I am so excited!

I even planned to wear my Manning jersey to work last night, but the lack of pockets was driving me nuts at home, and I knew I wouldn't be able to last at work without access to pockets for all my stuff. So I made sure to take a pic of me supporting MY Colts.

On to becoming Superbowl Champs again!

(on a different note, last Friday my Grandma made a difficult decision to have a feeding tube placed in my Grandpa. Getting some good nutrition in him has totally turned him around. He was able to qualify for a spot in the hospital's rehab ward for a week. That will give him the opportunity to gain his strength back, so we can get him back to his assisted living facility. Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers that I know were out there for me and my family :)!!!!!)


Rachael said...

Jesse didn't tell me! His team is the Colts as well. I'll bet this is going to be a topic of discussion all day today. I'm going to have to ask him.

Julie said...

I am so happy to hear that your Grandpa is doing better. I hope he continues to do well on his road to recovery.

Rachael said...

Oh... bring your shirt on over. I'll sew some pocket on it for you.