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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Follow up...

First of all, I've had a great weekend. Yesterday, I attended an Ashtanga Yoga workshop at Mindful Women Yoga. If you want my recap on that, check it out here

Second, I was asked about my shopping app and my favorite apps I've downloaded.

The shopping app I downloaded is called Shopper Lite. There is a paid version of this app with more features, but as I'm not sure I'll need those features at this point, the free one is fine to start.

My favorite apps so far...
1. Tap and Track. I actually paid for this one, it's a calorie counter/exercise and weight tracker. It has a huge database of foods that is not dependent on an internet connection. I've lost 4 lbs.

2. Gospel Library. For all you other Mormons out there, having the complete scriptures, curriculum, General Conference talks, etc at my fingertips in a highly portable form is perfect for me. So when you see me on my iTouch in church, I promise, I'm following the lesson or looking up a scripture.

3. Astra Ware Solitare. This is 12 different solitare games. I had the orginal app on my palm, loved it, and love this one as well. I paid for it was worth it.

4. iPeriod Free. A monthly cycle tracker/predictor. Pretty cool.

5. Whirly Word. Figure out all the words you can make with the 6 letters they give you. I love stuff like this, and it was free.

6. Jet Ball. Also free, it's a version of the old Super Breakout. I've always loved that game.

7. Accounts. I think I paid .99 for this one. It's a wonderful checkbook register.

I also have the Fox 13 and KSL apps...I'm a news junkie. Google Earth is just fun....

Now that I think about it, anyone want to share their favorite apps with me?


Rachael said...

You're making me really want an itouch.

I looked on Jesse's iphone and saw something that I thought was a Oprah App. I started laughing. Then I looked at it closer it's really a Opera app.

But that wouldn't surprise me if she did have an app.

Tiffany said...

Hi Jen, We are moving to TX the first of July! We are way excited! Take care!

BookwormMom said...

Rach, she DOES!!! What surprised me was that it was a paid app....

I am going to have to check out the opera app though...We like that kind of stuff.

Rachael said...

That's funny, but as I said I'm not really surprised. It's Oprah!

I told Jesse about the period tracker app. He told me there's no way in heck I'm putting that on his phone. lol