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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Through the weekend...

Wow, has it really been more than a week since I posted?  It seems to have gone so quickly.  I'm actually having trouble remembering what we did last week...Oh that's right.  On my days off, I hung out here at home.  No makeup, in my lounge clothes.  I did chores and relaxed.  It's a good thing, too...then I went into a difficult stretch.  Work 2, 1 off, work 2, 1 off, work 1 (tonight is my last work 1...then I have a couple of days off :))

I was fortunate to have Friday off with Cole.  I slept in the morning, then we went to lunch.  We also ran a couple of errands, and while at Costco picked up my Mother's Day/Birthday present.  I have to say, it's KILLING me to wait til Sunday to have it, I'm so excited.  Anyway, after we got done with our errands, we came home and started to get things ready for Kyle.  Kyle was headed out for his first overnight scout campout...
Yes, they went camping.  As I dropped him off, it started pouring rain.  Then, later on, it snowed, hailed, and gave them quite a bit of lovely, cold weather. 

There's no dampening the spirits of 11 year old's, however, because he had a great time.  He came home soaked and muddy, but happy. 

While Kyle was camping, we decided to take the other 2 kids to the movie.  We went and saw "How to Train Your Dragon".  Easily the best kids movie I've seen in awhile.  We all enjoyed it. 

Saturday and Sunday were work.  Along with an incredible migraine that I think was hormonally triggered.  I spent the weekend dutifully popping Excedrine every 4 hours to keep the major symptoms under control.  It was bad enough that I had to dip into my percocet (presribed last year when I was having headache trouble) in order to sleep. 

Yesterday was all about sleep.  I also managed to clean up our iTunes...we transferred our library to our new laptop, but inadvertently duplicated a bunch of songs (everything that was on both my ipod and cole's ipod got duplicated).  I had to delete the duplicates 1 at a time...which was a pain, but now it's all done. 

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Mindy said...

Don't know how you do it!! My sleep is something not to trifle with lately and it has been too much.. don't know how you do it! Can't wait to find out what that fun gift is. :)