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Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring Choir Concert 2010

The school choir had their spring concert last night.  They did a great job!
From May 2010

We went over a bit early to get seats and so I could figure out the best settings for getting pictures without using the flash....

From May 2010

Can you say "Close Up"?  (I forgot to zoom out :p)

From May 2010

Much better...and I'm so glad he's finally learning how to smile(without looking like he's in pain)!

From May 2010

He's still so intense while singing...but I did notice it's not just him, all the kids are intensely concentrating...

It was a fun performance!  (and shorter than last year, which made it easier on my little drama princess).

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Rachael said...

Cute pictures! He's such a handsome young man.