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Monday, June 7, 2010


It's been a rough week, with my mom out of town, the pool not open yet, and the weather going from cool to hot. The kids have been dying to play in the they finally got the chance.

Of course, they had only been outside 2 minutes (or less), when Kyle yells at me...Alec had stepped on some metal mesh their Dad left on the patio and was bleeding profusley from his foot! There was so much blood, all over the steps into my house, that I was sure that he was going to need stitches. Honestly, I was pretty mad too. Mad that Cole left the mesh on the patio. Mad that my children refuse to look where they're stepping (this is not an uncommon occurence, my kids seem to think if it's on the ground, it can be stepped on. It drives me crazy!). Luckily, when we got the bleeding stopped and it cleaned, it was only a small poke, not even very deep. We bandaged it all up, Alec went back outside...only to come back in nauseous 30 seconds later. He doesn't handle seeing his own blood very well...

After he emptied his stomach, he felt good enough to go back outside with Kyle.

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Rachael said...

"Everything on the floors for stepp'n on!"