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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nostalgia.... almost always bittersweet. Have you noticed this along with me?

Last Thursday afternoon, I was at work. I got a phone call from my sweetheart. I don't remember the exact words, but it was something along the lines of "Can you get away from work for a little while?"
"No, we're already a little short staffed. WHY?"
"Oh, I'm on the side of the road, smoke is pouring out from my car's engine." (stated very calmly, as if it was not a big deal).

Oh, crap.
Of course this would happen on a day that I can't possibly leave work. The day before we are scheduled to go on vacation for the weekend.

On the bright side, I was heading into a long stretch of days off, and we didn't need Cole's car for our trip. So, my wonderful Mother in Law picked up Talia at daycare, and Cole had his car towed to our house. By, as he put it, "the Coolest Tow Truck Driver ever". During the loading process, he noticed a HUGE puddle of oil under the car, along with a huge hole underneath the car.

The long and short of it is, the car is dead. It would take more $ to fix it than we are willing to put into it at this point. We've just been trying to get it through until my car is paid off at the end of the year. We knew we were on borrowed time with it...

On the bright side, I had not yet paid to register the car yet (it was due this month).

Our dead car...
From June 2010

This was the first car we bought together, about 1 1/2 years into our marriage. At the time it was practically brand new, and we were so very proud to purchase it. We've put it through hell...I drove it working homecare for a year, 3 times a week up Brigham City in the morning, and 3 times a week up to Logan in the afternoon. We brought our sons home from the hospital in it. The transmission failed in the middle of the road between Michaels and Bed, Bath, and Beyond in Riverdale. That was a fun day....we replaced the transmission, and numerous other parts along the way. It's been in a bunch of crashes...luckily none that were too serious. (I've always told Cole that if there are stupid people on the road, they will be magnetically drawn to hit his car).
From June 2010
This is actually 2 from a malfunctioning gate, and the other from a cyclist who couldn't stop and ran into the car while it was stopped.
I guess it's time to let it go....(Ok, I will tell the truth. I've wanted to get Cole a new car for awhile, after all, we both work full time and opposite shifts, and I need to know he has something reliable).

Another lucky thing, my Dad is in the car business, and has been for most my life. He was able to locate and get us a killer deal on this new car in about 30 minutes.

From June 2010
It's a 2010 Corolla, which is exactly what I wanted for my family. Good gas mileage, good reliablity, and great customer service.

My dad had it driven down from the Idaho store yesterday, and we went and picked it up this afternoon after we got back from our trip. We left the kids with Grandma (thanks Toni!), and when we picked them up, we asked them (like always) who they wanted to ride with, Mom or Dad?

From June 2010

No surprise there, they all wanted a ride in the new wheels.

From June 2010
Don't they look happy?

I'll be posting on our weekend adventure sometime tomorrow....


Rachael said...

I see I am not the only one taking pictures of your husbands old car. ;) Bummer that it had to die. All those memories.

But then again, I am all for purchasing a Toyota! Woot, Woot!!! I love Toyotas, if you can't tell. I hope Cole enjoys his new car. It looks pretty sweet. I especially like the color.

Jesse and I have done almost all the same things in his Saturn, Buying it after we were married, bringing home our babies in it, and driving it all over the place. We love Jesse's car. It's been so good to us. We are seriously waiting for it to die, before we buy Jesse a new car. I have already set my heart on a Toyota for him as well. Even though his car has a lot more years left in it.

Six-Pack Momma said...

Too bad about the old one, but I love the new one!

Mindy said...

What an adventure. I love that he was so nonchalant about it.. do love the new color!