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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now, It's Summer!

First things first, however....It came!!!!
From June 2010

Because I purchased my camera from Amazon, they send me periodic emails about products they sell that I might be interested in (that relate to my camera). Back in April, I got an email advertising this book...and I immediately wanted it. The author, Rick Sammon, is an expert on photography, uses Canon cameras for the most part, and the book is exactly what I need. I want DSLR quality photos with my non DSLR camera. I specifically purchased this camera because of all the different manual settings (in fact, I've been less than impressed the few times I've tried to use the "auto" mode). I've been reading it on and off today, and I'm SOOOO excited to try out all his suggestions...and I'm only 1/3 of the way through. Plus, there's a section on how to use Photoshop Elements to improve your pictures...and I can use all the help I can get. I'm not a huge fan of reading technical type books, but this one has totally captured my interest. Make sure you keep checking out "Our Story in Pictures", that's where I'll be posting my experiments.

It's been a really good day. Kyle watched Talia this morning so I could sleep after working. I got up around 11, fixed the kids lunch, and then drove Alec to a friend's for a swimming party. Even though the sky was gray, we felt like the weather was nice enough to go swim at my mom's pool.

We started out with just Kyle and Talia...
From June 2010
(I picked up Alec from his party a little later.)

Talia loves her new swimsuit and coverup...
From June 2010
From June 2010

It didn't take long for her to remember and adjust to the water...
From June 2010

Kyle was really happy to be in the water too...
From June 2010

Alec was thrilled that he got "double swimming"!!!!
From June 2010

My mom's dog Bitzi loves to bark at the kids as they jump off the diving board...
From June 2010

Playing with the wide angle lens available on my camera (using a couple of tips from the book)
From June 2010
It's not a spectacular shot, but I've never used the wide angle thats available, and I think it shows a lot of promise...

This one's a bit better...
From June 2010
Mostly because it caught Kyle's action, and my nephew's fascination...

Cole came after he got off work. First on the with Kyle on the skills necessary to get his swimming merit badge...(they have to jump into the water fully clothed, and make their pants into a flotation device as part of it).
Demonstrating the process...
From June 2010
All done!
From June 2010
Kyle's turn to practice...
From June 2010
From June 2010
(blowing air into his "life preserver")

All done...he did great, and it really didn't take him that long.
From June 2010
He was also able to stay afloat the entire time.

I don't love to get in the water unless it's hot out, so I relaxed in a chair, reading my new book and talking with my mom, grandparents, and sister in law Brenda.
From June 2010

It started pouring rain almost as soon as we got home. At least we got to enjoy a wonderful afternoon before the weather decided to be incooperative.

I'm trying not to complain to much...before I know it, it will be July and scorching hot, and I'll be wilting (I don't tolerate heat very well).


Rachael said...

When I got my Canon point and shoot, it was on auto. I didn't pay attention at the time. So after taking some pictures and looking at them after each clicked I was like, "Wow these are some crappy pictures!"

Never again! The only time I us the auto is Auto Macro and that's not very often. Other wise I'm changing my setting for every situation. Love it!

And yes, all the pictures of us at Antelope Island are with my point and shoot. I think I'm just that good! :) I don't have one bad picture.

BTW: You look pretty hot it that swim suit! :) Don't blame you for not going in the water. Red and green (chlorine green) don't go together well. Us brunettes have it easy.

Mindy said...

I have really enjoyed my book too. Love you wide-angled shots!

TiGi said...

Jen, like the idea of that book. Am thinking about getting it for myself. Also FYI, there are some websites that teach you how to use your camera- the tips and projects section. My guess is Canon would have the same. is the home of shutterbug Me Ra Koh. She has two DVD's or downloads for $50 dollars. We should go in together on them. Also check out her blog Get back with me.