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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Doldrums

Ahh...January.  I actually really love this month.  I love the cold, the snow, and the quiet.  Historically, NOTHING really happens in January for our family.  If you look back at all my years of digital pictures, January has the least.  It's quite a comedown from the 300ish pictures I usually take in December.  That's why I haven't posted...nothing terribly important or interesting to report. 

It was a long weekend at our house.  By the time yesterday rolled around, all the kids were sick of each other and being housebound.  I was supposed to work, so I couldn't even get them out of the house.  By the time Cole got home from work, they were all trying to kill each other, and I had a splitting headache.  Plus, the fact that our internet doesn't work consistently, and I spent another 30 minutes on the phone with Qwest only to have them tell me(yet again) that the internet in my area is "being fixed".  SURE, but that doesn't help the fact that I pay almost $60 a month for high speed internet that doesn't work very well after 5pm every night.  Then, the comcast guy showed up at the door...with a 30 money back offer, plus half the price for the first year.  As I'm starting to think Qwest doesn't really care if I have internet that works or not, we're jumping on the free trial.  To my mind, Cole and I should both be able to be on the internet at the same time and load pages.  You'd think, anyway.  We'll see. 

A couple of the (very few) pictures I've taken since my last post....
From January 2011

(I'm dead, Mommy!)
From January 2011

Princess Belle in all her winter finery...(thanks Nana and Papa!!!)

Check out my picture blog for the results of our Christmas Photo shoot with Cole's family....and please, critique my photoshop editing if you see anything amiss...

Also, here's an article I found really fascinating....


Rachael said...

Sorry you're having a hard time with your internet. Qwest has been pretty good for us.

They've with in the last two months come out and run a brand new line from our box (in our yard) to our house, and replaced the line that went from the box connected to the outside of our house, to the inside. We've also invested in a new router.

mindyp said...

I LOVE comcast, just gotta put that out there. We've had them for YEARS, love them.