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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Solitary Ski Day

I was dying to try out my new ski equipment, so despite the fact that no one else could go, I headed up to Snowbasin yesterday.  It doesn't bother me to ski alone.  A sweet playlist on my iPod, beautiful weather, and great snow contributed to a very phyically active yet mentally relaxing day. 

From January 2011

I bought K2 "Inspired Luv" skis, Salomon "Irony Breeze" boots, and cheap poles.  I wasn't intending to buy boots, but they were on sale for a great price.  At that point I was stuck buying poles too, so I bought the least expensive option, figuring I can upgrade later if I want.  I was excited about the ski's, all my research told me that I would most likely be happy with them.  I was a little more hesitant about the boots.  Despite the salesperson's assurance that Salomon boots are built for warmth and comfort, I was a little worried about the price point.  My boots (before the sale) were around $300.  There are boots on the market for twice that and up, would I be happy with a less expensive model?  The only other ski boots I have ever owned were a Christmas gift when I was a junior in High School.  I HATED them.  After even one run, my toes and then my feet would be numb.  Painfully numb.  I now know that they probably weren't fitted properly, but I never wanted to tell my parents that I hated them after they spent so much money.  I really think those boots were the reason I stopped loving skiing in those days. 

I LOVED my new ski's.  I could tell from the moment I started down my first run of the day.  They are a "mock" twin tip, so I was worried about weather or not I'd be able to manage them.  I shouldn't of been, I guess that's what happens when you rent equipment for 3 years.  With good ski's, my body remembered that it was a good skier.  I had absolutely no problems, and felt confidence to attempt more difficult runs that I wouldn't have attempted in rental ski's. 

I also loved my new boots.  They were very comfortable, easy to get on and off, and my feet stayed nice and warm.  Even after my toe warmers stopped working, my feet stayed warm through the afternoon.  I'm so glad I took advantage of the sale. 

It was a beautiful, sunny day up on the slopes. 
From January 2011

Up above the icky inversion that is settled in the valley right now, the air was clear and relatively warm.
From January 2011

From January 2011

From January 2011

As always, the scenery does not disappoint....
From January 2011

I spent the morning over on the Strawberry Gondola side, headed back over to the Needles Lodge for a yummy lunch of pizza and a Cream Cheese Danish (I've decided, I really need to learn how to make that particular yummy treat), and skied most of the afternoon over at Strawberry as well.  Around 2, I decided to head over to the Porcupine side of the mountain.  I rode that lift to the top, I wanted to see what the snow was like over there.  I could not find bad snow yesterday.  Despite the fact that it's been a bit since the last storm, the snow still had a packed powder consistency on the groomed runs.  Even in places out of my comfort zone, the snow wasn't bad, just unfamiliar.  I still managed just fine.  I spent the day practicing Carving, taking a few risks, and remembering  not to be lazy with my poles.  By the time my last run of the day came, I knew my body was tired.  My mind, however, was elated at the amazing day I'd had. 

From January 2011

How could it not be, surrounded by great snow and images like this? 

I'm already looking forward to another ski day...I'll be planning it as soon as my schedule comes out. 

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mindyp said...

What a great day!! Porky is my favorite side of the mountain. It's been a while since I've been up there. You look pretty darn cute in your ski gear too! ;)