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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Kyle's Country Report

Kyle is in 6th grade this year, and is required to do a country report.  Out of his top 3 choices, Ireland was the country we ended up with. 

One of the reasons we wanted Ireland is because of my Great Grandma Coop...she was first generation Irish-American.  I thought it would be fun for Kyle to learn about the history...after all, his name is Irish too. 

From January 2011

They were required to talk for about 45 minutes, including a Power Point presentation.  Most adults can't speak for that long, so I thought it was a little excessive, but we tried. 

From January 2011

From January 2011

He got a little nervous, and forgot some of the more minor details, so we ended up about 10 minutes short on time.  Otherwise, he did a great job, and now all our major projects for the year are done...hopefully it will be smooth sailing now! 

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