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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

2 Weeks

Wow, it's been 2 weeks since I posted.  Part of that is because I haven't really taken pictures, and I like to have pictures to upload with my posts.  Since this blog is also a family record, however, I figure that I better write down what's been going on around here lately, even if I don't  have pictures. 

On the Saturday before Valentines, Cole and I left the kids with Kyle in charge and snuck away for a few hours.  We headed to Outback, one of our favorite places, for dinner.  Of course, since it was Valentine's weekend, they were packed.  We got our name on the list, and our pager, and decided to head over to Target for a few minutes to pick out a little something for our kids for Valentines.  We found the perfect little gifts, and then went back to wait.  Once we got back, we really didn't have to wait too long, and we enjoyed great food and good, grown up conversation.  We always enjoy getting time to ourselves. 

On Valentines day, I got up early to set out the kids' Valentine's from us, and to make pink, heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.  (I am NOT a morning person, so this was a big deal).  I  also found a very, sweet, loving Valentine from my sweetheart waiting for me.  When I got the kids up, they were so surprised and excited with their Valentine's.  The boys each got a new Hexbug Nano, and a habitat to add on to their collections.  Talia got some more Littlest Pet Shop pets to add to her ever growing collection.  They were all thrilled with the pink heart pancakes as well.  It really started my morning out on a high note, and was worth getting up early. 

I spent Wedneday afternoon getting all my housework done, so that I could play all day Thursday.  I spent Thursday afternoon happily crafting with my beads, "borrowing" some designs from some of my favorite jewelry catalogs and personalizing them for myself. 

Friday Cole and I had the day off together.  I got my hair done in the morning, then he and I took Talia out to lunch at Rumbi Island Grill.  We've only been there once before(it's not something that we normally consider), but we had a gift card.  I had the soup this time, and it was soooooo yummy!  I definitely want to go back soon. 

I took advantage of the holiday on Monday, letting Kyle be in charge while I slept in after working.  The kids really did pretty good at getting along...if only they would learn not to talk at the top of their voices all the time. :)

I felt rested enough to mess around in the kitchen that afternoon.  I've been dying to try this cake technique. with this frosting technique.  I made the 2 cakes Monday afternoon, and put them in the freezer.  Yesterday, I pulled them out.  My yellow cake turned out perfect.  My chocolate cake, not so much.  I used our family recipe chocolate cake that is sooooo yummy.  However, I've never baked it in round pans before, and although I cut 8 minutes off the baking time, it was still overcooked.  I pressed on with the technique, however, and although the chocolate cake part was dry, it all came together appropriately.  The Rose Icing technique was super easy, took only about 10 minutes, and looks sooooo amazing!  It's a LOT of frosting...I doubled my mom's basic vanilla frosting recipe (which is still my favorite buttercream recipe) and it barely covered the whole cake.  I will definitely try this technique again, I may just have to use a different chocolate cake recipe (which pains my heart) or watch the baking time a little more closely. 

Today is my last day off this week, and I have plans to digi-scrapbook all afternoon. 


Mindy said...

Nice.. I still need to brave that cake.

Rachael said...

You were brave enough to try that, and no pictures of said cake? :(

I may have to try that frosting technique some day.

Cam said...

I want to see pics of your cake!