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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stolen Afternoon

I got called off yesterday.  I had looked at the hours the night before, so I didn't think it was my turn.  However, someone else's hours hadn't been put in the book, so I was surprised to receive a phone call at 11:45 yesterday.  I took a few minutes to wake up, and then I had an go afternoon skiing.  After all, the boys were in school, Talia had been at daycare all day, and I was dying to go skiing.  I called Cole, let him know what I was thinking...then I rushed to get my stuff together and get up to Snowbasin. 

I got there at about 12:50.  Perfect timing for about 3 1/2 hours of skiing.  I was a little worried, because it was windy at my house, and from my house I could see the snow blowing off the mountain peak..but up on the mountain it was perfect weather...with 4 inches of fresh powder. 

From February 2011

It wasn't very crowded.  I had the gondola all to myself on this particular ride up...
From February 2011

I went over to Strawberry is usually my favorite place to ski.  However, it was windy on that side of the mountain, and the snow was choppy, so I only did the one run over there.  I did, however, get some pics of the valley...
From February 2011

From February 2011

Despite the sunny day, it was pretty cold, and I decided to wear my hat and goggles.  I have always had a hard time skiing in a hat and goggles (I prefer my earband and sunglasses), but since I have recently come to the conclusion that I really need to invest in a helmet, I figured I better get used to wearing something on my head.  I ended up being really glad...I would have been really cold without my hat. 

I really love the views from the top....
From February 2011

I headed over to 2nd favorite place to ski.  Up the Porcupine lift was COLD...but worth it, as the Porcupine face had 4 inches of sweet, barely touched powder.  It's been years since I've skiied fresh was amazing. 

I took my last ride up at 3:50...the lifts close at 4.  I managed to get in 8 or 9 runs, and I had a fabulous time.  Unfortunately, on my 2nd to last run, my earphones shorted out.  Not a big deal, they weren't expensive ones, but I will have to go buy new ones.  I also must have tweaked my right ankle a bit...I didn't notice it until the middle of the night, but it's pretty sore.  The ice pack will be my friend today....

Totally worth it. 

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Mindy said...

Looks fantastic!! I have passes to go up.. just got to get at it! It's been 13 years or more for me since I have been to Basin.