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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

App Love...

I LOVE my iPod Touch.  I LOVE that my wonderful husband insisted I get the one with the biggest memory, so that I could use it as an iPod, a personal organizer, a portable video player, a portable gaming system, and a way to stay connected in the internet world. 

I have a 64 GB iPod, which (after the preloaded stuff) translates to 59.4 GB available space.  I have 34.8 GB left available. 

Of the space I've used, here is how it  breaks down...
1886 songs
42 Videos
67 Photos
100 Apps

I've downloaded some really cool apps lately, and I thought I'd share my favorites.  Most of these were free or $.99...I try not to pay more than that. 

UYH - Use your handwriting.  I downloaded the free version, but I might just upgrade to the .99 version.  It's a to do list that you just write with your finger.  It's got a black background with soft neon writing, and for a basic errand list or small shopping list I'm really liking it both aesthetically and productively. 

PageOnce Bills - Put in your bills, and it pops up letting you know a few days before they're due.  It's great for me, who tends to put paying bills to the back of my mind.  It was free. 

Seize the Day - A more organized to do list.  Lets me put in things that are days and weeks off.  It was free.

LDS tools - All my ward and stake phone numbers and callings at my fingertips.  You have to have an account for this to work.  This app is put out by directly from the Church.  I also love the Gospel Library app, free from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 

Today is - A simple calendar in a daily only format.  I'm using this as a workout/goal tracking log.  Free

Netflix - With my subscription, streaming instant movies wherever there is wifi access?  What's not to love? 

Words with Friends - Free version.  My new favorite game, it's basically Scrabble.  Turn based, you make yourself a user ID and then play with your friends.  I've been playing with my mom, my sister, and my sister in law, and it's been so very fun...and I'd love more opponents. 

And of course, I have all the news apps for my area, Facebook, NASA, Discovery, and the Winter X games news apps...I'm a news junkie, and they were all free. 


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