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Friday, March 11, 2011

"Alec"xander the Great

The 3rd Grade at Alec's school did a Wax Museum on Wednesday night.  The idea was, the kids each had to pick a historical person, research his/her life, and write a short (30 second) speech about the person.  Then, at the Wax Museum, they would dress as their character, with a container for coins.  Parents and others would put a coin in the container, the wax person would come alive, say their speech, and go back to "wax". 

At first, Alec wanted to be Christopher Columbus...I think because he must have been the first on the list of possibilities and they must have used him as the example when they explained the project in class.  When we discussed the project with Alec, however, we explained that he could be ANYBODY from history.  This opened up a whole realm of possiblities. 

Alec, Kyle and Cole love to play this game called Civilization, where you build a civilization from the beginning.  It uses real historical characters and information, and when we told Alec that the root of his name is from Alexander the Great, that was all it took for him to want to become him. 

Alec did a great job with his report and the memorization of his speech.  Cole did a fantastic job of building Alec's costume...

From March 2011

(if you want to know more about how the costume was made, check out Cole's blog)
Alec was so funny, he was in character almost the entire time, and LOVED giving his speech over and over.  He is definitely my performing child...he loves to act. 

The school gym was packed, and very chaotic.  I tried to get a video of him giving his speech, but it was really loud.  I guess that's the mark of a successful project. 

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