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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The 3rd Grade Program...

Alec's 3rd grade program was on May 11th.  Of course, WE only found out about it the Friday before.  A certain child of mine didn't bring home the 2 NOTES that were sent home...he just mentioned in passing that he had a program coming up.  I was a little perturbed when his teacher told me that 2 notes had been sent home....

Talia and I headed over to the school Wednesday morning.  We got pretty good seats...I thought.  Until the people saving seats in front of us had a 6 1/2 foot guy sit right in front of my 4 year old...who then proceeded to be upset she couldn't see.  (I mean, come on, they had 6 seats, and he saw her there...) And then of course, there was this...

From May 2011

I mean, really, if you have seats on the front row, you shouldn't be holding your camera so high that it blocks the view/pictures for anyone else that might want a shot of THEIR child...this was actually the LOWEST she held her camera the entire time...I wasn't able to get any decent pictures of the entire group without her head and camera stuck in the middle.  I mean, common courtesy, people.  (Okay, enough ranting :))

Alec loves to sing and perform, and I could have been hysterically laughing through the whole program....he is soooo expressive!

From May 2011

From May 2011

Alec's class recites a poem...
From May 2011

From May 2011

(see what I mean?  Expressive...a little like Kyle, who tries to "kill" the song :))

From May 2011

From May 2011

The last song was a salute to the Military...the fight songs of the Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force followed by the National anthem.  I was really touched, and very grateful for the sacrifices made by the members of our military so that we can enjoy the freedoms we do.  I really enjoyed the entire program, it was fantastic. 

Unfortunately, I had to rush home after to get Talia lunch before heading off to staff meeting and work...another day where I was awake for 21 hours.  Of course, by the end of the night at work I was showing signs of a nasty virus taking hold....side effects of having 2 days of being up for 21+ hours in a weeks time. 


Rachael said...

What a cute program. did the kids tie die their own shirts?

I would been fake coughing and grunting behind that lady. How annoying. Or I would have just gotten up and walked to the back of the room to snap shots. Next time text me and I'll come over and nap some shots from the back of the room, or in the isle. Yeah, I have no problem with blocking the isle :)

Mindy said...

your boys are quite the performers. i do get a crack out of their facial expressions too. :)