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Monday, May 30, 2011

Repo! The Genetic Opera

Cole and I spent my birthday weekend in Salt Lake.  We headed down around noon on Friday.  We went to the Gateway, had lunch, and shopped.  Later, we checked into our hotel room (Little America...we love it there!), then went down to the Fashion Place mall to do a little more shopping.  We went out for a nice dinner at The Bombay House, and then we hung out in our room for awhile until it was time to go. 

Because the main reason we were staying overnight in SLC was to see  a shadowcast of Repo! The Genetic Opera. 

Repo! is a "goth" opera.  It's music is rock and roll bordering on heavy metal, with some real opera mixed in.  The music is superb if you can appreciate the genre.  The story is the future, organ failure rate is very high and catastrophic to the human race.  A company called Geneco manufactures organs, and offers them on payment plans.  However, if you're 90 days past due, they send the Repo man to come repossess....

We've gone for the last 2 years.  This year was better than last seems it's finally coming into it's own.  This year, I also got some excellent camera keeps proving over and over how good it is in low light. 

From May 2011

Before the show...
From May 2011

From May 2011

a "Genter"

From May 2011

GraveRobber and some fans...a lot of the fans dressed up. 

From May 2011

The Repo Man...

From May 2011

The Graverobber is a drug dealer for incredibly addictive painkiller used during the transplants.  He steals it from the bodies of the dead....

From May 2011

Graverobber with some of his of whom is the daughter of Geneco founder Rotti Largo

From May 2011

The Repo man and his daughter when he's dying...

It was so much fun, I already can't wait to go back when they do it again next year.  After the show, we spent the night in Salt Lake, and headed back to Ogden in the morning.  I wasn't able to get my entire Saturday shift off, so I had to be back. 

I had a great Birthday...35's been pretty good to me so far!!


Rachael said...

I would have loved to see the movie when it came out. I just wish it weren't rated R. Oh... and I don't know that my stomach could handle some of it. Glad you guys enjoy it.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Jen!