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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Father's Day

I have the best husband in the entire universe.  He also happens to be a terrific father to our 3 children. 

Father's Day, he woke early (as usual, my sweetheart is a morning person).  I slept in a little.  Ok, a lot (I forgot to set my alarm).  We didn't have gifts for him, as he is ordering himself some Halloween lighting from his brother, but we had a couple of cards for him.  I had planned to take him out for breakfast at Golden Corrall, but by the time I got myself together, it was nearly lunchtime.  The line at Golden Corrall was longer than we had the patience to wait for, so we decided to look for somewhere else to eat.  As we were driving by Outback (Cole's favorite), we noticed a sign saying they were open early for Father's day, and we were thrilled. 

From June 2011

From June 2011

All the kids ate, and ate happily. 
From June 2011

This is relatively new for us, so it made us really happy.  After lunch, we went to see Cole's Dad and give him his gift.  Van was happy with his gift, but more happy with seeing the kids.  He just had to go pick some bleeding hearts (flowers) to show my little flower boss...
From June 2011

...and of course she was being really cute. 
From June 2011

She just recently learned how to curl her tongue, so she insisted I take a picture. 
From June 2011

After we saw my in-laws, we went home, had a little nap, and later headed over to my parent's for our "rained out" barbeque.  We couldn't have it outdoors like we'd planned, but we had it indoors and everything was really nice. 

It was a really nice day, and I'm very blessed to be married to such a wonderful husband and father.

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