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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Diablo's Dome

This year, one of Cole's former co-workers connected him to some people running a haunted house out in Herriman.  He rented them quite a few of his skulls and a projector, and he sold them Charr.  They also commissioned him to build them a "monster" specific to their needs.  Of course, we had to drive all the way out there and check it out....

From October 2011

From October 2011

It was a long drive in Rush Hour traffic.  We arrived, went through the haunted house (which was pretty good) and then we were all starving.  We stopped for dinner, and they lost Cole's and my orders, so it took forever.  We didn't head home until late, and all the kids were wiped out. 

From October 2011

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Rachael said...

So Cool!!! They look so cute all passed out on each other.