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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Meet Lily

From October 2011

After losing Cosette, we really didn't plan on getting a new kitten so soon.  However, Indy made it clear he was lonely and needed a friend.  Cole really wanted a black cat, so he started perusing ads on KSL, and found some cute kittens.  We headed out to look at them, and Lily was the only one who calmed down and started warming up to us. 

From October 2011

From October 2011

She really liked the humans, but at first, she did not want ANYTHING to do with Indy.  She finally stopped hissing at him, and the other day, I caught them curled up together with Alec while he was asleep.  She is so sweet, we are really glad to have her be part of our family!

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