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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ditched and Dumped on....

Well, what a crappy day this has been. I started out, dragging my butt out of bed at 7:45 on a saturday...usually my day to sleep in a bit because Cole is home, and he's a morning person. I dragged myself out of bed, because it was the Primary's turn to clean the church. I knew that in doing this, I would probably end up being up for 20-21 hours before I would be able to go back to bed...but I didn't want my Presidency Partners to be there alone. Well, I was totally DITCHED by the other presidency members....It was me, Alec's primary teacher, the pianist (who also happens to be the bishop's wife), and I had dragged Kyle along. Kyle was a huge help, the only bright point in my morning of slaving in the church. My arm is killing me from the vacuuming, and poor Kyle vacuumed the entire cultural hall with the wide vacuum, which is HEAVY....and then he was too tired to run at his soccer game, poor kid. I was there almost 2 hours, and even though we still weren't quite done, I had to leave, because we had soccer games...which I missed, dryer broke. Again. Even though I just had the service guy out this week. The service guy who said everything was fine, it was just my vent duct blocked, and we fixed that problem....So, $100 dollars later, I have 2 loads of wet clothes, 1 load being my work clothes....So instead of going to Alec's soccer game, I stayed home to try to grab a shower, and then ran my work clothes down to my mom's to dry....Then during Kyle's game, I stayed home and TRIED to get a nap, while Cole took Kyle's wet clothes to a laundromat to dry....
I wasn't able to sleep, I was still too upset at the way the universe dumped on me today. And all that after I did exactly what I was supposed too...even though I really didn't want to. So now I'm 16 hours into my day, and still have 4 to go.....and tomorrow I have to break the sabbath and go buy a new dryer. And spend money I had saved for something else.

Then, I get to work tonight, with crappy, heavy loads...short staffed...a nurse that won't let me do my job, and "oh, by the way, I need you to admit this baby"....Luckily it ended up being an easy admit.

I thought all this venting would purge my emotions, but I'm still as irritated as I was before.

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