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Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Happenings....

So, Saturday was a rush of freezing Soccer games (in full sun!!!! What's up with full, beautiful sunlight, and a breeze that made me cold for the rest of the day and night?), trying to get a nap before work, and then running my butt off at work because we were a bit short staffed, and the 2 babies I was taking care of were the most critical in the unit, and were NOT behaving. I also realized about halfway through my night that I was sporting a lovely, bright pink soccer mom sunburn...only my face and neck, because the rest of me was covered in blankets and jackets. That's what I get for not wearing real spf 30, instead of a light layer of spf 15. Then, on Sunday.... My brother and his wife blessed their new baby. I got these really cute pics of Talia trying to sit in the grass...then realizing it was grass and she didn't want to sit (like most babies, she doesn't like the feel of grass)...she was standing...then would start to sit...then would remember it was grass, and stand back up...I was laughing, it was really cute.
Then, Kyle finished his part of the Mini Society project...both he and his skulls were covered in stain.....

So, now we have 40 plaster skulls, and 6 clear resin ones. I'm really interested to see how they sell, especially since one of Kyle's little friends had the great idea that they should be "partners". I had to explain to Kyle..."Doesn't partner mean that you share the work?"..."Yeah"..."And who's done all the work on the skulls?"... "Me and Dad, and you did all the bracelets."...."So, is it fair to you for your friend to be your partner but you did all the work?"... "No, I guess not"..."Kyle, you worked hard, you deserve ALL the money you earn from making the skulls!!!"
I think he really understands now, but he's such a sweet kid, he has trouble telling anyone no...Apparently we need to work on sticking up for himself a little bit.
I've also almost finished with the Adult sized bracelets I'm making...I forgot to take a pic before I came to work tonight, but I'm really pleased with the way they've turned out. In fact, I like them so much I'm going to make a couple for myself...but probably anklets, because I don't wear bracelets well....I always end up breaking them.
So, the kids off to school...put Talia down for her morning nap, and managed to get in a 1/2 hour yoga session...I've missed it, but most programs/DVD's are at least an hour, and I don't have that much time. But FitTV has a 1/2 hour yoga program...I've been recording it on the DVR, and tried it for the first time's perfect for the small amount of sleeping baby time I have in the mornings.
Then, of course, as I was eating lunch, Talia was playing behind me..I thought she was just in the bottom kitchen drawer, but she had managed to get the cleaning supply cupboard open, and had Dawn dish soap all over the floor, her clothes, her mouth....and had the jet dry out and had just opened it...luckily, she really didn't swallow much soap, and no jet dry....the child will eat anything.


min said...

is it possible for a baby to fart bubbles? haha!

Six-Pack Momma said...

Gotta love the 'partnering'. I had major issues there, too. Hailey earned bukoo bucks- almost $500 and had to turn half of it over to the partner- when it was Hailey's idea, and Hailey's work. She was more concerned about her friend.

Rachael said...

Your daughter is really cute! The skulls are really creepy!