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Friday, April 18, 2008

Tag and Happy Thoughts....


What am I doing? I've been ordering scrapbook stuff from my 2 main suppliers...Close to my Heart stuff from my friend Marie, and Creative Memories stuff from my sister-in-law (and friend :) ) Brenda.

What am I thinking about? Worrying about the way Creative Memories is changing their scrapbook line, and anticipating the"date" my husband and I are going on this afternoon after we get Alec off to school.

Who is home? Cole (it's his friday off), Alec, Talia, and me.

Plans tonight? Relax as a family, and definitely not go to work (they just called needing extra help tonight).

What's for dinner? I'm hoping I can convince Cole to cook his curry chicken like he's been promising all week....nummy.

My thoughts about love? I'm blessed to have a husband who loves me no matter what, sons who still think I'm the most beautiful woman in the world, and tell me they love me every day, and a daughter who looks at me like I am the most important person in the universe.

Feelings about my life? My family is perfect, I love my house, My job is usually ok...I'm extremely blessed.

What I want? Wood floors in my fact, that's part of our date today, to go pick out what we want.

What I need? I actually have everything I need right now...

What I have? Everything...absolutely everything.

What I can smell? My husband, fresh from the shower...

What I can hear? Alec playing next to me, Talia crawling around, the TV in the background...

My style? Elegant casual...If I can wear jeans, everything is right with the world....but I like to wear dressier shirts with my jeans just as much as the more casual T shirts I also favor....

My hairdo? Newly cut and colored....straight today....about chin length.

My outfit? Currently Victoria's Secret lounge pants and a t shirt....but I'm going to go shower in a minute, and then it will be jeans and a t shirt....

Weather today? Sunny, hopefully it will get warm as the day goes on!!

My mood? Calm, relaxed.

Thoughts on Parenting? Hard at times, definitely worth it.

Thoughts on Marriage? I married my soul mate, for time and doesn't get any better than that.

Thoughts on Friendship? I wish High School dynamics ended for everyone as soon as the diploma's are given out....and I feel blessed for the friends I have that have moved past the high school dynamics....

Thoughts on Politics? I'm too liberal for the place I live, and too conservative in most other does that work? Oh, and my national vote doesn't count where I's disillusioning....

Thoughts on Beauty? I could discourse for hours....I wish people could see themselves as they really are, as other people see them....most people have unrealistic self images, and don't see what's really there....I wish most people could see how beautiful they really are....

Thoughts on Sleep? I'm a lot better wife and mother when I get it!!!

Thoughts on writing? love it, wish I could make a career out of it!

My favorite appliance? The microwave....I'm lost without it.

My favorite car? Tends to be whatever I'm right now a pontiac Aztec.

Favorite splurge? Skin care and makeup stuff....I'm fanatical about good skin care....

Favorite beauty secret? It's no secret....good skin care, and Bare Minerals....

Favorite Treat? Most anything chocolate...or homemade chocolate chip cookie dough

Ten years ago? Barely pregnant with my first child...(and I mean barely, like 2 weeks).

Five years ago? 2 sons, thinking about moving,

One year ago? Enjoying my new baby...pinching myself because I can hardly believe how easy she is....

Five years from now? Teenager, and all kids in full day school....what will I do with myself?

Ten years from now? Missionary in the field, I hope...and I pray my sons aren't being drafted to fight in a war....

I'm famous for? nothing.

I'll never be famous for? my cooking skills.

Who am I? just me...Jen

Who I hope to be? I'm pretty happy with myself right now.

What I am thankful for? Read previous tag answers....

Who I tag? Anyone interested!!!!

Now, I didn't realize it would take me 30 minutes to do that tag...but I have to add on my happy thoughts...Yesterday, I went shopping. My favorite jeans have been falling off me, so I went to get some new ones....I tried on the ones that 6 weeks ago, fit just on the tight side of perfect....and they were too big!!!! I had to go down another size. That's my happy thought of the week. 2.5 more pounds to my goal weight...then I will probably set a new goal.

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