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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My new hobby/addiction

So, we're in the process of getting ready for "Mini Society" for Kyle...which is one big economics lesson for 3rd graders. They work at a "civil service" job in their classrooms, and make "scholar dollars". They are also given the opportunity, on 2 different Fridays, to set up their own personal business. The whole process ends with an auction, where they can spend their hard earned dollars. So, when I did Mini Society when I was in 3rd grade, I don't remember what I did, just that it didn't earn enough money to get me anything that I wanted in the auction, and I learned that I am NOT a salesman. I wanted Kyle to have a much better this is what we've come up with. Since I have this new bracelet making hobby...and only having 1 daughter and 1 niece to make bracelets for...I thought I would use this opportunity to "Play" here's the designs I've come up with...

So, for those of you who say...Isn't Kyle supposed to be doing some of the work? This is true, so this is what he's been working on....

He's been casting minature skulls, and has about 25. His goal is to have 40 by the first business day.

Here is one in my hand for size comparison. Now, we have a $20 limit on what we can spend...but since the bracelets are only costing me .15 -.20 cents apiece to make, and the skulls are actually only about .10 cents each....I currently have 30 bracelets made in a 3rd grade child size...and plan to make about 10-15 more in Adult sizes (and have Kyle market them as Mother's day presents)...and maybe a few baby sized ones as well. We'll see.
I find the entire process of making bracelets calming...and I love the design aspect. I will probably branch out into other jewelry in the next couple of years...we'll see.
So, to Mindy, thanks again for teaching me a new skill/hobby.
Soon, I will be making bracelets for Talia to match all her summer clothes!!!


Rachael said...

I was just thinking the other day. Who I could ask to make Kimberly and I matching bracelets and Ancklets. So if you don't mind would you PLEASE?

mommamin said...

glad you love it!
glad it calms too...