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Monday, June 29, 2009

Back in Town

Last week was entirely too crazy for my sanity. I needed to get all 3 of my shifts at work in early in the week, so that I could head up to Bear Lake with my family this past weekend. Consequently, my schedule was Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Leaving me only Wednesday to get everything ready to go. So, I worked Monday and Tuesday, and we were pretty slow. I didn't have anyone to watch Talia all day on Tuesday, so although the boys watched her so that I could lay in bed, I didn't get much sleep (I did learn, however, that Kyle is AMAZING with her even when I'm not right there...he knew just what to do to calm her down when she needed it). By Wednesday I was already completely wiped out. I went to get my hair colored, took the kids swimming at my mom's and did a lot of packing. At my mom's, Kyle learned a lesson...
From Bear Lake 2009

This is Kyle, after he told Talia to jump in the pool to him. He was a little too close, and she hit his nose, causing him to have a bloody nose. Her swim vest also scratched a vicious slice across his chest. His nose didn't want to stop bleeding, so the pic is of him, laying down, an ice pack across his nose, and a tissue up there too...poor kid.

Thursday, (to make a long story short) I was only supposed to have to work for 3 hours, and then go home on call. Unfortunately for me, we were too busy, and the charge nurse was unable to let me leave. That was ok(it always seems to happen to me when I don't plan ahead), but I was already tired, and I hadn't done the grocery shopping for the trip yet...It slowed down enough that I was able to leave about 45 minutes early. It wasn't much, but I was glad to have whatever I could...I headed to the store at about 2:45, and it didn't take me that long. I was home and in bed by 4, just as if I'd worked my whole shift. I slept the morning away, while Cole packed up the car. I wasn't in a huge hurry, and didn't have an abundance of energy thanks to my busy week, so we ended up leaving our house around 12:30 pm...


Rachael said...

You should call me, I'll watch Talia anytime... Kimmy and Talia would have a blast playing together. Especially when it comes to sharing their "Nummies." ;) I don't ever have a houseful of kids so It's not stressful at all to watch another kid.

Poor Kyle, that sounds painful. Did he end up with two black eyes?

Mindy said...

poor kid!! but it's so cute he loves his sister so much!