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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Lagoon....

I didn't get called into work yesterday. We spent the afternoon swimming, and then when things were still looking ok, we headed out to Lagoon to spend the evening.

I'll tell you, Monday night is the night to go. We walked on practically everything. On the Jet Star, we actually had to wait because there weren't enough people to fill the car. We went on all the big coasters, Cole and the boys went on Rattlesnake Rapids and got soaked...we all had a really good time.
From Lagoon 2009

My boys LOVE Rattlesnake Rapids...

From Lagoon 2009

They love Odysea too...Cole and I don't quite understand why, but they do.

From Lagoon 2009

Me and the boys on the Turn of the Century (aka "The Swings")

From Lagoon 2009

The Carousel...

I got this video on Wicked....

The Spyder broke early in the evening while we were there. However, we were able to get on it right before we went home. I took the boys, then Cole took the boys. Twice in a row was a mistake for Alec...he ended up sick on the way home. Cole also got sick on was his first time on it, and he says never again. It took awhile for both their stomachs to settle...

I'm really enjoying playing with my FlipVideo. It's been especially fun at Lagoon, getting short clips of my kids on the rides, or at the pool.


Rachael said...

The looks on their faces!!! Boys are so tuff.

They handle that so much better than I do. I start screaming and/or swearing, I get so scared.

Mindy said...

The girls love Odysea too.. we love Rattlesnake Rapids.. we love more watching each other ride it and soaking each other with the water cannons :)