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Friday, June 12, 2009

Home Improvement

Our Laundry's also the entrance to our house from the garage. It's a lot of stuff to cram into one small space. When we bought the house, I was just glad to have a main floor laundry, and I liked the shelves and the bar for hanging clothes to dry. I sometimes wish it was a little larger space, but it suits our needs and I like it.

However, we've been doing a lot of remodeling and upgrading in our house. Now that we've done our wood floors, painted the walls, etc...the paint in our laudry room has begun to appear dinged and dingy (maybe I just started to NOTICE it more ;)). When we did the wood floors last summer, we had originally planned to put them in the laundry as well. As the project unfolded, however, we decided that we didn't want wood in a room where there was possibility for flooding. So, we've been dealing with the old, cracked linoleum that was under the crappy floor we used to have. No more...
Last night, we moved the washer and dryer into the garage. Cole ripped up the linoleum floor, and did some patching. We had a little "accident" early this year...the doorknob went through the wall. It was apparent that this was not the first time...there was a bunch of old spackle in the wall from not so great patch jobs in the past. So, my wonderful and talented husband did a correct patch job...

We bought a steel and mesh patch, and my husband mudded and sanded it. The fan was put in there to help it dry overnight...we also patched a few nail holes that were there.

Cole washing down the walls...getting ready to prime in the next little bit!


Julie said...

I can't wait to see the finished product.

Mindy said...

Now I feel like doing mine!!

Rachael said...

Would you two like to come do my house next weekend? I will do all the prep work if you two do all the remodeling. ;)