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Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's Done (mostly)...

My husband never ceases to impress me with his home improvement skills. Despite the fact that I worked Friday and Saturday, he managed to get the entire laundry room finished and put back together by Saturday night, while simultaneously taking care of our children. I'm so excited...It looks so nice. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do for the brightness in a room!

Freshly painted

The new floor

I have to explain about the tile. I am not a huge fan of ceramic tile flooring. I know it looks really nice, but I don't love the feel of it on my feet. I prefer to be barefoot all the time when I'm at home. Ceramic and stone are cold and hard. Even in the summer, it chills my feet, and gets painful to walk on after awhile. So, we went with vinyl tile. It's not quite as aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but I prefer it. It's softer and warmer. The fact that it is also easier and quicker to install also tipped the scales in it's favor ;)....The one thing Cole's not happy with is the door to the garage. It's metal, and we have to prime and paint it specially. We'll get to it later this summer, but it's bugging him. All in good time, though.

Ready for some laundry!

All put back together, including a new, energy efficient light fixture...hopefully I won't break the glass on this one like I did on the last one. We've been living with a bare bulb for awhile, because when I pull my clothes off the bar after they're dry, the hangers swing up, and one time it was hard enough to shatter the glass. The new fixture is flatter, and I continue to try to be more careful....

This is the new ceiling fan in our kitchen. Cole and I put it together and hung it this afternoon. I'm really happy with it...we love the fans, and our other one worked fine, but was really dated (think 80's brass). I love the updated look, now I just have to figure out how I'm refinishing our kitchen cabinets and mantel, and actually DO it, and our family room will be complete. I enjoy the ongoing projects though...Cole's teaching me basic wiring, and I get to do the ceiling fan in our bedroom tomorrow (if I don't get called in to work).

Daddy's "Helper"

Talia loves the tools, and spent a good 30 minutes removing most of the sockets from the case, and then trying to figure out how they work...she loves "fixing things" with her Daddy...

(intense concentration)

Cole still has a couple of days off work, and we're hoping the weather will cooperate so we can get some swimming in and go to Lagoon on Wednesday...


Julie said...

It looks really good. Congrats on getting another project done.

Rachael said...

That looks so nice, Cole did an awesome job!

Rachael said...

...And Talia's so cute. She's lucky she can get away with playing in her Daddy's tools.

Jesse flips out when people especially kids play with his tools.

Mindy said...

It looks so good Jen! Tell Cole good job, and Talia great job on her supportive role :)
You are giving me the push I so need to get some stuff done around here!