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Monday, June 8, 2009


Are hard for me. I am not a morning person, and getting up early and rushing to get ready make it worse. 9 am church may be good for the rest of my family, but it's hard on me. Yesterday, Talia was particularly cranky during Sacrament meeting, and by the end I was at the end of my patience. After we got the kids some lunch, put Talia down for a nap, and I prepped our Sunday dinner, I tried to get a nap too. Unfortunately, too many noises around the house and outside kept me from sleeping. When I got up to put dinner in the oven, my head hurt, and I was extremely grumpy.

After dinner the kids and I headed out to my parents house. My sister and her husband were taking Kyle and Alec(along with my nephew and niece) to SLC to spend the night with them. We all went for our usual Sunday night walk, and between that and a couple of bottles of water, my headache went away and I was feeling much better. Then Heidi and Adam took off with the boys, and things calmed down.

When Talia and I got home, she was whiny, and I was tired. Once we put her to bed, however, things calmed down, and I was able to relax. I read the paper, read a novel, watched some tv...just wound down.

We woke later than normal this morning, and I feel really good. Pushed myself harder during my workout than I normally do. Currently, we're hoping the weather will be good enough that we can go swim at my mom's this afternoon.

I'm glad Sunday's over.


Rachael said...

You seemed to have an easier time with Talia yesterday ,well than I did with my two STINKERS!!!

I can't complain to much... We made it through sacrament, huge milestone for us!!!

have you read my post yet?

Anonymous said...

Im with you, Sundays are sometimes not what i hope for. I do get a few here and there. Hope you have a better day.

Mindy said...

But isn't it amazing how your health habits have changed your body? A walk and water helped... that's so cool!