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Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween decor....

Everyone knows that Halloween is my husband's "big Holiday". He spends most the year working and preparing. If you drive past my house at any time during the year, you can see any various projects he's working on. He uses our garage and yard as a big workshop, setting up projects, moving them, taking them back down, only to put them back up somewhere else to work on them again. Partly because he needs the space, and partly because he enjoys having the neighborhood see what he's working on, and wondering how it will all come together on Halloween.

I am not allowed to decorate with anything "cutesy" outside my house.

However, the inside of the house is my domain. I thought I'd post some pics of my inside decorations...which are coming along quite nicely. I'm really very the past, I've not had much room to store seasonal decorations, so Christmas got all the decorating love. I've become more organized, and purged a lot, so now I have more room for some other holidays to have their day....

This corner is the transition between my front sitting room and our kitchen family room. Our Countdown is on one side (sadly, only my daughter is really interested in putting up the numbers), and on the other, a pumpkin decoration I bought a few years ago from Heidi V, a girl I work with who is a genius with wood crafts. The pumpkin went up about mid September...pumpkins that aren't jack-o-lanterns say "autumn" to me...and stay up in my house until after Thanksgiving.

I just finished these pumpkins on Sunday night (and a special thanks to Rachael, for supplying me with the wood, the moss, and the wire). I really enjoyed creating these...

(and learned that my skills with a drill need much improvement ;))
Indy has already been messing with them...I'm glad they're sturdy!

Our mantel...Talia loves to point up there and say "mommy's pumpkins!"

Finally our newest addition, also created by Heidi V...

This sign may just stay up all year ;)...and when I'm home, it will always be turned to "in"!

This concludes our walking tour of my Halloween decorations.

I love this time of year!


John and Sherri said...

Very Cute!

Rachael said...

I want one of those signs, that is hilarious!! Your decorations are cute! I don't think I even have that much. Just two shelves in my front room for me.

Oh... the Quilted Bear has their Halloween stuff 40% off. You should check it out. Maybe I'll do a post to show you the cute things I got for $2 each.

Mindy said...

All very cute!! The witch is "in" is definitely appropriate for me this week! ;)

Christy Canfield said...

Love your decorations! I feel like a failure this year, I decorated my porch and did nothing with the inside of my house!! My kids were not very happy! I love "the witch is in" sign.