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Thursday, October 8, 2009

What have I accomplished?

I was pretty surprised when I got looking to my blog this morning...It's been almost a whole week since I posted anything. I feel like it's been so busy and crazy, yet I have nothing specific to post. I have posted on the Craft Blog and Days of Our Thighs, but nothing specific about our family.

The kids are doing well in school. I'm starting to get a little irritated about some of Alec's homework...he brings home a spelling worksheet. It has a "tic tac toe" grid, with 9 activities on it. He has to do 3 activities, in a line (any way it would make a tic tac toe), but he has to do the middle square. At first, it was fine. However, the activities seem to be more and more busy work, and are not helping my child learn the actual spelling words or sentences that he's going to be TESTED on. I'm trying to figure out what to do about it...I really dislike questioning teachers and their curriculum (Thanks, alot, Mom ;)) because I know how frustrating that can be for a teacher...especially when you know they have your child's best education at heart. I'm hoping to hold on to until conferences...and then we'll see. The problem is, I don't believe homework "activities" should be busywork...they should help learn the concept. I don't see that happening with Alec. Plus, I'm starting to hate who's the reading queen!

Kyle is adjusting well to the increased demands of 5th grade. We did our first book report last month, and he did well. He's also in choir, and having a lot of fun already. He spent this morning (while he was getting ready for school) singing his choir was cute.

Talia is obsessed with things being "scary". Scaring us, us scaring her, scary things at the store (it is Halloween time)'s interesting. She also knows all her basic colors and can count to 13...she's a smart little cookie. She's also developing some rational thought, which makes it easier to explain to her why she can't do something she wants to. She understands some of it now.

I feel like I am working a lot (we're busy now, so no getting called off. I was enjoying getting called off a little too much ;)), but I'm also working on getting Talia's Halloween costume put together. Cole usually takes charge, but with her deciding she wanted to be a witch, I had a great idea for her costume...and I'm really excited to create it. Cole is putting together Alec's costume, as well as building a dragon in our garage, and getting everything else put together for his Halloween "experience".

I feel like my stress level is through the roof for no particular reason. I've had a lot more headaches again as well...hopefully as the stress subsides, so will the headaches.

Despite the stress, I'm enjoying October a lot more than normal...Cole is not as stressed as he usually is, which means I can enjoy the season more...I have my inside decorations up, I'm working on a couple of projects, and generally things are going well around here.

Now, if I can get caught up on the laundry...(5 loads down, 3 to go!)


Rachael said...

You know if you did one session of yoga a day your stress level would probably drop even more and your headaches wouldn't bother you as much... And I know that's hard to do with your schedule.

I wonder what your co-workers would think if you pulled out a yoga matt in the NICU? :) lol

You do get a lunch and or dinner break right? Try sneaking some kind of workout in.

Mindy said...

I hear ya.. busy but what to show for it?
I'd love to get together, visit, and cricut.. my wall is missing something and I am missing you too. ;)

brenda schenck said...

Jen I can't wait to see all the Halloween stuff! It should be fun.