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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm In LOVE with Nate!

From October 2009

Nathan Drake, that is. Hero/Mercenary with a conscience. Who wouldn't love him? He's a hottie, rocks the few days stubble look(not too difficult for a character in a game ;)), and carries a few tricks up his sleeve. He travels the world, looking for treasure, and is under my spell with just a few moves of the PS3 controller. Besides, it's really love if you sit at Walmart for an hour waiting for them to "release" the game for purchase at midnight...which is what I did last night.

Yes, I'm aware I'm completely insane as well as a little bit crazy. Let me give you a little background...Christmas 3 years ago. Santa brought us a Playstation 3 (PS3) and a few games. A couple were for the boys, but Santa brought Cole a game called Uncharted. Now, my husband is a video gamer, but is relatively picky about what he plays. He typically dislikes "shooters" (such as Halo), and if you have to pay to play (world of warcraft, etc) forget's a ripoff. Cole typically likes games where you try to take over the world, or get to battle with magic and spells along with regular weapons. The games also need to have an element of strategy, problem solving, and good old fashioned video game fun. So, he got Uncharted...and as usual, I watched him play it. Since early in our marriage, when he's gotten games like this, he's played, I've watched and helped him solve the puzzles and mysteries. We spent much of Christmas break staying up late at night together, solving the game. We beat it on New Years Day that year...late at night. I didn't realize it then, but I was hooked. I started playing it myself not to long after that...I progressed from playing it on easy, to normal, to hard...and finally this summer, I played it on Crushing...and in the process, unlocked almost all the secret items and bonuses. I've never really been into playing video games..I might play for awhile, but I lose interest. Until this one.

I really didn't intend to go buy Uncharted 2 at midnight on it's release date...but when it came to it, I knew I had today off work, and I just couldn't resist.

So far, I've found the game fun and challenging. It's a new thing for me to play a game before watching someone else play first. I really could play all day, but I haven't...I did my chores first, and am taking a break so that I can eat lunch and Talia can have her Dora hour. I'm sure when Cole gets home he'll laugh at me...

Other goings on...I went to a family wedding shower on Saturday, and got this great pic of me, my Mom, and my sister...we missed you Brenda!

From October 2009

Talia came down with a 24 hour vomiting bug on Sunday...she couldn't even keep water down on Sunday...and finally I didn't even want to try, but she was throwing tantrums because she wanted her cuppy and water.

From October 2009

Needless to say, neither Cole or I got any sleep Sunday night, and I was glad Cole had sick leave to take so he could stay home and we could take turns getting things done. Talia didn't throw up at all on Monday, but we still restricted her to water and things that are easier on her tummy...crackers, toast, etc.

Talia loves her new jammies..."Spin, Kyle, Spin!"

From October 2009

He's such a good big brother.

I also scored at all the sales going on this week...I got winter blankets for all the beds, and 2 more pairs of jeans each for the boys...all for less than $100.00. I picked myself up a new yoga DVD to spur me to get back into good exercise habits. Of course, now that will take a backseat to least for a couple of days ;)


Rachael said...

Ha ha ha... Your a crack up Jen!

When Jesse and I were dating we would sit and play video games together. When we got married Jesse got both of us the new DS's (the gray ones). We would play games and battle each other all day if we could. Before I had Hayden Jesse spoiled me like she always does... he bought me the pink DS lite I wanted. The first two christmases together I bought him games. Christmas 2007 (I think) I woke up on black friday to get Jesse the Zelda DS lite bundle. We love spending our spare time playing together.

Jesse even took his DS to the hospital (when I was having Hayden) and got his best score on the Mario game that day. Lol

I didn't touch my DS for over a year and a half after having Hayden. Bad part about having a husband that has to have every game system... We have systems sitting around the house being unused. money totally wasted.

There's a game cube sitting in Hayden's closet, I still don't play my DS all that much anymore. We have a Wii somewhere not being used. And both Xbox's, Jesse only plays his 360 now.

...And all this time I thought I was an anomaly! :)

Mindy said...

That little bug... watch the boys!!
Glad you are having some fun! Am I a geek or what, but I love Tetris..

Julie said...

Wow, he seems like a pretty cool guy. Your video game skills sound impressive.

TiGi said...

Talia looks so sick. I hope she is feeling better now and no one else got sick. There is enough yukky going around.

BookwormMom said...

Rach, that's nothing...Cole actually brought our Playstion (it was still the original one back then) up to the hospital when I had Kyle...he hooked it up, and played games all through the night while he stayed there with me!

Rachael said...

Oh... wow! He he he... I'm sure Jesse would have loved to do that. lol