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Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Frightmares!

We headed back out to Frightmares tonight. We hoped because of the cold, it wouldn't be too busy despite it being UEA this weekend. We lucked out...we walked on EVERYTHING. We also took Talia in the "Hal O Ween High" "Home of the Embalmers" haunted house. It's basically a high school themed haunt. She did really well...and I have to give total credit to all the people working the haunt...they were absolutely spectacular. When they saw her age, they were great to give "high 5's", talk nicely, etc...they really worked it so that she wouldn't be traumatized. Major points with me, as she enjoyed being scared so much that right as we left the haunt, she said "Go Again!". It's a fine line that a lot of haunted houses cross...and being able to tailor your "scaring" to be age appropriate goes a long way with me. I cannot sing their praises enough.

Some pics I got tonight....

Talia and Cole coming off "Dracula's Castle"
From October 2009

Me and Talia on "Jumping Dragon"
From October 2009

The view from the top of "Spider"
From October 2009

Almost a full moon (Harvest Moon)
From October 2009

From October 2009

From October 2009

We were cold, but not freezing, but we had a great time. I love autumn.


Rachael said...

That has to be pretty nice when your kids doesn't come out of one of those screaming bloody murder, but slightly scared.

I have been trying to get Jesse to let us go all season. So far my famine wiles haven't persuaded him, and the seasons almost over. Gr... Something is going to have to be done about next year.

I see Cole is rockin' the mustache goatee combo. Jesse asked me a few weeks ago if he could get away with growing that same style out. I told him it was fine, as long as he didn't mind not making out as much. (Natural consequences do the trick every time, Oh... yeah...) LOL

BookwormMom said...

I actually love Cole's goatee...I was sad when he shaved it last year, but I got used to it.

The hard part is in the growing out stage...once it's a bit longer, it's soft and I don't mind it a bit!

Rachael said...

Luckily for Jesse the growing out stage only lasts one week, he's so hairy. I'm just really picky about facial hair I guess.