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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Acts of Wonderful Thoughtfulness!

After the excitement of Halloween, everything else around here's been pretty low key. Working, cleaning, Mommy stuff, Family stuff. All's pretty good.

However, personally, I've been feeling just a little bit blah. I feel like my body is falling apart...headaches, and most the joints on the left side of my body (wrist, knee, ankle) are hurting. I know it's just my body telling me to reclaim my workouts (at least where the joint pain is concerned, the headaches are another issue), but I've been a bit down. Add that to the fact that I feel disconnected...circumstances all around preventing me from connecting with all my buddies.

To the rescue came a couple of friends...the first with a phone call and just a chance to talk...

The other with this
From November 2009

Talk about an instant pick me up! It immediately put me in a good
From November 2009

Mother/Daughter pedicures were in order! I attempted a flower on my right toe...which turned out great, until a certain 2 year old said "Pretty flower Mama" while simultaneously touching it...while it was still wet. I repaired it as best I could, oh well. She was so excited, I didn't want to be irritated with her.

Other happenings at our house....
From November 2009

Playing with my camera settings....

Took a new profile pic of myself
From November 2009

Poor Indy...he misses the days when it was warm enough that I would open the screen door for fresh air...he loves the smell of the outside!
From November 2009

...and of course Happy Birthday Mom!
From November 2009

My Mom's birthday was last Tuesday, but we all got together last night at Pei Wei in Bountiful for dinner...It's really hard to coordinate all our schedules, so we were just glad to be able to get together. Cole and I managed to find a sitter for our kids, and got a jump start on our Christmas shopping as well...

Thanks to all those who cheered me up this week!


Mindy said...

Your toes look so pretty!! That is YOUR color. :) You gotta let me know about Pei Wei.. I kinda want to try it out.

Our family said...

You look beautiful Jen! I am so glad I will be able to talk with you this weekend and spend some time catching up! I miss seeing you and hope your blahs are better! I have the same type of blahs and hope this weekend helps!

Rachael said...

How sweet!

BookwormMom said...

Michele, I'm not going to be able to go this weekend :(...because of Halloween being on my weekend, I had to request it off...and I didn't feel like I could request 2 weekends in a row off...

Min, I don't like Chinese food. My mom and sister took me to Pei Wei the day that we bought my sister's wedding dress, and it was so good! Something about the fresh way they cook totally have to try it!

Julie said...

Jen, so sorry to hear you have been feeling blah, but happy to hear you are feeling better.